Cyclocross-, Allroad- and Gravelbikes

Cyclocross & gravel bikes are characterized by the fact that they add great versatility to the sportiness and agility of racing bikes. This gives you a bike that is ideal for everyday use as well as for cycling tours and sports. We mainly offer bikes from Bombtrack, Brother Cycles and Cinelli, but also smaller manufacturers with whom we have had good experiences. BIKE PUNK offers a diverse selection of gravel, cyclocross and all-road bikes from selected manufacturers whose products have impressed us. The Bombtrack product range offers everything your heart desires. With models such as the Bombtrack Hook EXT, Audax, Tension or Arise, you are well prepared for all eventualities and will find a sporty and durable companion for your tours. The British manufacturer Brother Cycles specializes in steel gravel and all-road bikes that are ideal for everyday use as well as long tours. All models are put through their paces on long rides and constantly improved. Brother Cycles therefore offers tried and tested Allroad & Gravel bikes for every taste and use. The Kepler Disc complete bikes are perfect for the daily commute to work as well as weekend tours and adventures in the countryside.

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Gravel and cyclocross bikes from Bombtrack, Brother Cycles and Cinelli at BIKE PUNK - Discover your sporty companion for everyday life and adventure

Bombtrack, Brother Cycles, Cinelli: top brands for versatile bikes

Discover our diverse selection of high-quality cyclocross & gravel bikes in our online store! These bikes combine the sportiness and agility of road bikes with great versatility, making them the ideal companion for everyday life, cycling tours and sporting activities. We have a wide selection of bikes from renowned manufacturers such as Bombtrack, Brother Cycles and Cinelli as well as smaller brands with which we have had good experiences.

Sporty and durable: the models from Bombtrack and Brother Cycles

The Bombtrack product range offers everything your cycling heart desires. Models such as the Bombtrack Hook EXT, Audax, Tension or Arise are sporty and durable and prepare you optimally for different riding situations. Brother Cycles from the UK specializes in high-quality gravel & all-road bikes made of steel, ideal for everyday use and long tours. All models are intensively tested and continuously improved to offer you tried and tested all-road & gravel bikes.

Aluminum or steel? Choose the right material for your bike

Our range mainly includes bikes made of aluminum and steel. Aluminium frames are characterized by high rigidity and low weight, which makes them ideal for sporty cyclocross and cross bikes. Steel bikes, on the other hand, are extremely durable and versatile. Modern steel frames are light and comfortable, ideal for traveling and long tours. The Brother Cycles Kepler, for example, comes with a steel fork that offers numerous eyelets and mounts for luggage.

Brother Cycles Kepler and Mehteh: Comfortable steel with lightweight carbon

If you're looking for a mix of comfortable steel and lightweight carbon, frames like the Brother Cycles Mehteh or Bombtrack Hook are the ideal choice for you. You'll find exactly the right bike for your individual needs and requirements, whether it's for your daily commute to work, weekend tours or off-road adventures. Discover our high-quality selection of gravel and cyclocross bikes now and find your perfect bike for every occasion in our online store!

Find your perfect gravel or cyclocross bike in our store!

We offer you a well-stocked selection of gravel bikes, all-round bikes, cyclocrossers and other off-road capable bikes of various brands for different purposes and conditions! With the right choice of the right and suitable bike for you, nothing should go wrong. If you have any questions, just contact us by mail or visit us in our SHOWROOM in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We will be happy to help you with tips and advise you on your choice.