Brake Shoes and Brake Pads

Even though the road bike or side-pull brake is a very low-maintenance, uncomplicated brake with effective braking performance, it is also subject to a great deal of wear. Discover the best brake pads and brake shoes for your bike and maximize safety on the road! Changing the brake pads on a road bike brake is easy and takes relatively little time. Our brake pads not only offer first-class performance, but also durability and reliability in all weather conditions. With high-quality materials and precision manufacturing, we offer brake pads with excellent braking power and optimum modulation, so you have full control of your bike at all times.

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Optimize your brake performance

Even with moderate use, brake pads on rim brakes tend to show the most wear. It is therefore inevitable that you will have to replace them sooner or later to ensure the long-term reliability of your bicycle brakes. Here you will find both individual pads and complete brake shoes, consisting of brake shoe, brake pad, spacers and fixing bolt.

The replacement is simple: open the brake, remove the old brake pads and replace them with new ones. Then adjust the distance to the rim flank so that there is just enough space between the rubber and the rim to prevent contact. Make sure that the pad does not rub against the bicycle tire, otherwise you will wear it out very quickly. If you have any questions about fitting, please get in touch by email or drop by the showroom.

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