Drivetrain parts and components

BIKE PUNK offers you a wide selection of everything you need in parts for your bike drive, but especially fixed gear or singlespeed drive. The main components of any bicycle drive are bottom bracket, crank, chain and sprocket. These three components are always related to each other and must be considered as a composite. If you are planning to upgrade the drivetrain on your singlespeed or fixed gear bike, it is always best to change the chainring, chain and sprocket at the same time. This will prevent uneven wear of the individual parts of your singlespeed or fixed gear bike drive and your drive will last longer. Here you will find everything you need in drive components for your singlespeed or fixed gear bike. The brands we offer have proven themselves in use by our customers and us both in everyday life and training, as well as in the race, many times!

Drivetrain Parts and Components

Cranks and Cranksets

The crankset is the heart of any drivetrain on the bike. Here you will find mainly models from Brick Lane Bikes from London, Sugino from Japan and Miche from Italy. Singlespeed and Fixed Gear cranks have only receptacles for a chainring, which is wider than, for example, that of a normal crank for gears. Sprocket and chain have logically likewise a wider dimension. The second core element of the bicycle drive is the sprocket. The sprocket and chainring together determine the gear selected when driving singlespeeds and fixed gear. The sprocket must therefore have the correct width but also the correct thread dimension for the hub. In the fixed gear drive, the sprocket is still fixed with a so-called lockring. This turns in the opposite direction to the pinion tightly and thus fixes it so that you can also counter and skidden. Central element of the bicycle drive, also in Singlespeed and Fixed Gear is of course the chain. Singlespeed and Fixed Gear chains have a width of 1/2" x 1/8". With us are mainly Japanese manufacturers such as Izumi or D.I.D represented. Both are known for particularly high-quality track chains and are ridden all over the world on the track as well as in everyday life. The crankset on the bike is also called chainring set, crankset, crankset or colloquially simply crank. Cranks are the pair of levers on the bike that are operated with your feet and transfer your power from your legs to the chainring, chain and sprocket to the rear wheel. Cranks are subjected to high loads, especially compressive and tensile forces, and should be made of high-quality sturdy materials and have a torsion-resistant design. Cranks must be torsionally stiff in order to efficiently transfer the torque generated by the cyclist to the drive. In addition, a torsionally stiff crank extends the life of each bottom bracket. The following applies: The less torsional forces act on the inner bearing, the less play can occur in the ball bearing. For the parts of a bicycle crank both steel, aluminum but also carbon are used. High-quality materials and a professionally correct assembly are important. Incorrect assembly can cause the cranks of your crankset to come loose and lead to accidents and damage to your bike. Aluminum is most commonly used - it is lightweight and relatively strong and inexpensive. Steel is quite popular for inexpensive cranksets. Cranks made of steel can be made quite delicate to absorb occurring torsional forces, but are quite heavy. Higher-quality cranks for road bikes are often made of carbon. These are lightweight and extremely stable, but also very cost-intensive. In the cranksets there are basically three different types: The 1-speed crankset has a chainring in addition to your two crank arms, the 2-speed and 3-speed sets with 2 to 3 chainrings. We at BIKE PUNK offer you high quality cranksets from renowned brands and manufacturers especially for your singlespeed or fixie. With our cranksets, however, you can be sure that all individual components in this set fit together and you will enjoy them for a long time! Matching bottom-bracket for your new crank and chainrings you will find in our webshop. Should you lack the right tools for assembly or you do not know what to do - our workshop takes over the assembly for you in case of doubt!

Bottom brackets

The bottom bracket is one of the most essential components on the drive of your bike. It is the bearing that enables pedaling and the transmission of your power via crankset, chainring, chain, sprocket on the rear wheel and finally via the tire on the road. The bottom bracket is basically positioned between the shaft on which your crankset is mounted and the frame, with even today common square bottom bracket, the shaft is part of the bottom bracket. Often underestimated by customers in the workshop everyday life - you can not see it - inner bearings (colloquially called like bottom bracket) provide a low-friction rotation of the crank arms and absorbs the forces that arise when pedaling. Due to the forces that act on the bearing through the pedaling motion, it is considered the most heavily loaded bearing on the bike. Inner bearings are wearing parts and should be changed at regular intervals. Of course, you will also find a wide range of care products for the drive of your bike!

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