In the "Rims" category, you will find the most important components for your bike - because the rim is the heart of your wheel and has a significant influence on the feel and performance of your bike. Whether you ride a mountain bike, a road bike, a gravel bike or a city bike, choosing the right rim makes a big difference. We offer you a variety of rims for different purposes, from robust mountain bike rims for off-road riding to aerodynamic road bike rims for fast road races. Discover rims in various sizes, materials and profiles as well as suitable models for rim brakes or disc brakes in our range. You'll find the perfect rim for your needs in the Bike Punk online store.

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Find the perfect bike rims for your bike in the BIKE Punk online store

Bike rims are the heart of your bike and have a huge impact on the handling and performance of your bike. Whether you are a mountain biker, road cyclist, gravel biker or trekking cyclist, the right rim can make all the difference. Choosing the right rim depends on various factors such as the area of use, the material, the type of brakes and the wheel size. In the BIKE Punk online store you will find a large selection of bicycle rims for different purposes and riding styles.

Different areas of application require specific rims

MTB rims are robust and stable, ideal for demanding terrain. They are usually made of aluminum and have a wide rim width to support wide, high-volume tires. Road bike rims, on the other hand, are narrower and more aerodynamic, ideal for high speeds on the road. Gravel rims are a mixture of MTB and road bike rims, robust and fast at the same time, perfect for versatile use.

Choice of material: Aluminum or carbon

In addition to sporty variants, you will also find rims for trekking bikes, touring bikes and city bikes in the BIKE Punk online store. These are tailored to the respective purpose and offer durable and affordable options. The choice of the right material, be it aluminum or carbon, depends on your riding style, area of use and budget. Aluminum rims are robust and affordable, while carbon rims are lighter and more aerodynamic.

Importance of rim width, wheel size, brake type and tire type

When choosing the right rim, factors such as rim width, wheel size, brake type and tire type also play an important role. Clincher rims, tubeless rims and tubular rims each have specific properties and are suitable for different types of tires. Disc brakes and rim brakes require different rim designs to ensure optimum braking performance.

Selection of different types of rims in the BIKE Punk online store

In the BIKE Punk online store you will find rims from top manufacturers such as H Plus Son, BLB, Halo, Mavic, DT Swiss and Velocity. With us, you are well equipped to choose the right rim for your bike. Whether you're looking for an aerodynamic road bike rim, a robust MTB rim or a versatile gravel rim, you'll find it here. Improve your performance and riding experience with the right bike rims from BIKE Punk!

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