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In the "Grips and handlebar tape" category, you will find a wide range of high-quality grips, handlebar tape and handlebar end plugs for your bike. The right choice of grips and handlebar tape plays a decisive role in your riding comfort and safety on the bike. Discover individual and high-quality products from manufacturers such as BLB, Lizard Skins, Supacaz and many more. Our selection ranges from slim, minimalist grips to ergonomically shaped models for every purpose. We also offer a variety of handlebar tapes made of different materials that absorb shocks and vibrations and ensure a secure grip. The range is rounded off by various handlebar end plugs, which not only protect the handlebars but also add extra accents to your bike. Upgrade your bike with the high-quality products from our "Grips and handlebar tape" category!

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Discover our large selection: Bicycle grips and handlebar tape for every need and style

Welcome to the bike grips and handlebar tape category in the Bike Punk online store! The cockpit is the control center of your bike and the handlebar grips or handlebar tapes are the point from which you - literally - need to have everything under control. The handlebar grips must therefore fit the size and shape of your hands. In addition, the grip must sit firmly on the handlebars and remain grippy even when wet. In terms of design, it must match the other parts of your handlebars, such as the bar ends (bar ends) and the shift and brake levers. So there are quite a few tasks that the actually inconspicuous handlebar grips have to fulfill. The range of bicycle grips is correspondingly large.

Bike grips: Important selection criteria for the cockpit of your bike

In principle, there are four important characteristics that characterize good handles. These include

Fit and ergonomics: It is crucial that the handlebar grips fit your hands perfectly. You should pay particular attention to the diameter, i.e. the thickness of the grips. Although this is to some extent a matter of taste, the rule of thumb is: the bigger your hands, the thicker the handlebar grips should be. In addition to completely round bike grips, there are also many ergonomic bike grips. Ergonomic means that they are specially shaped to provide optimum support for the arch of the hand. Many ergo grips also offer a wider contact surface. Not every ergonomic bike grip fits every hand. You should therefore pick up a few different models and see which ones suit you.

Support and grip: Handlebar grips must offer double support. On the one hand, the grip must sit firmly on the handlebars without twisting. On the other hand, they must offer your hands a firm, non-slip grip - even in wet conditions. For a secure hold on the handlebars, good bike grips sit very tightly and can therefore only be fitted with force. Or you can opt for so-called screw-on grips (lock-on) - more on this below.

Material: The material of the handlebar grips is particularly important for a secure grip. Find out more under: Bicycle handlebar grips - What materials are available?

Which bike grips fit your hands? Tips for the perfect fit

Space on the cockpit: The diameter of bike grips and handlebars is standardized, so every bike grip fits on every handlebar. When buying new bike grips, you should also pay attention to their width so that all levers have enough space in addition to the grips and remain easily accessible. If you have mounted bar ends in addition to the grips or use twist shifters, you will need narrower handlebar grips.

Additional functions: In addition to the classic, clip-on bike grips, there are - as mentioned - screw-on grips. There are also ergonomic handlebar grips to improve grip comfort. Some companies also offer handlebar grips with integrated bar ends (bar ends). The latter are often combined with an ergonomic shape.

Comparison of materials: Which bike grips offer the best grip and comfort?

The material of the bike grips ensures a secure grip for your hands. The most common materials found on bicycle grips are plastic, foam rubber, cork and leather.

Bicycle grips made of plastic: Bicycle grips are usually made of special rubber compounds. These combine a non-slip grip, good cushioning, grip comfort and durability. The material of choice for MTB grips.

Bike grips made of foam rubber: Handlebar grips made of foam rubber are light, slightly softer and therefore more comfortable. However, they can tend to slip and are usually not quite as durable as special rubber compounds.

Bicycle grips made of cork: Grips made of cork or with cork content improve grip comfort. However, cork becomes somewhat slippery when wet and is less durable. Cork is therefore less suitable for mountain bikes than for other bikes.

Leather bike grips: The same applies to leather grips as to cork: they are comfortable to grip, but somewhat more sensitive. And they become soaked when wet. They are therefore well suited for trekking, touring and urban use, but not for mountain biking.

Bicycle grips made of different materials: These grips not only offer better cushioning, but are often also more durable than conventional grips. With integrated gel or cork cushioning, they usually make your ride even more comfortable.

Lock-on grips vs. normal grips: advantages and disadvantages for a secure grip on the handlebars

With one or two clamps, so-called lock-on grips are easier to fit than just push-on handlebar grips. And they are guaranteed to stay firmly in place - even in wet conditions. This is why they are particularly recommended for mountain bikes, but are also a very good choice for any other bike or e-bike.

Everything under control: tips for choosing handlebar grips with additional functions

If you have problems with numb or numb fingers or hands or pressure points on them, then you should try ergonomic bike grips. They support the arch of the hand and are particularly well adapted to the shape of the hands.

Handlebar tape or bike grips? Which accessories suit your bike?

Two tips: If you have problems with your hands, you should not only think about the grips on your bike, but also about suitable cycling gloves. And for more comfort, you can also change your grip position more often. This works best with additionally fitted bar ends.

If you use a gear system with twist shifters, then there are matching, slightly shorter handlebar grips - usually from the manufacturer of the twist shifters, such as SRAM.

Handlebar grips can also be differentiated according to their intended use. For example, we have separate categories for BMX handlebar grips or mountain bike grips.

In rare cases, a handlebar tape, as used on racing bikes or bikes with drop bars, can also be an alternative to a bicycle grip.

Before you buy a new handlebar grip, you should consider whether your current grips suit you and your needs. How comfortable are they in your hand? Do you have a good grip? Or would you like to try something completely different from the standard black rubber grips? You should definitely ask yourself these questions. Because the answers to these questions will determine whether you should buy the same or similar grips or look for a new alternative. Take a look around our range - we have a large selection of different bike grips from various brands with different diameters, shapes and materials.

Handlebar tape: More grip and comfort for your bike - tips for choosing

In the handlebar tape category you will find a variety of different designs for your bike. Stylish accessory or something more? Clearly the latter! Handlebar tape on your bike not only adds a visual accent, but also provides more grip in wet conditions and more comfort on long tours. Handlebar tape is available in a wide variety of designs and for a wide range of preferences, so you are spoiled for choice. Handlebar tape fulfills the same function: it should make riding more comfortable by absorbing bumps and shocks. At the same time, handlebar tape should provide more grip - for example in the rain or in extremely hot conditions with sweaty hands. With handlebar tape, however, you always have a firm and secure grip. Handlebar tape can also be very pleasant on long tours, as it offers your hands a little more comfort and padding.

The handlebar tape on the bike therefore provides more grip and comfort. Of course - grips are still around. Mountain bikes and trekking bikes are still equipped with comfortable, ergonomic grips. However, handlebar tape is used on certain bikes such as racing bikes, track bikes or triathlon bikes. The reason for this is the reduced design of these bikes, which usually manage without handlebar grips. Handlebar tape is the ideal choice here because it carries virtually no weight and does not slip even during extreme steering movements. You can also easily fit or remove handlebar tape yourself - this is particularly important for ambitious cyclists who regularly change their equipment.

Handlebar tape is available in a wide variety of designs - from narrow to wide, with studs or smooth, in classic black or striking red. The choice of handlebar tape is primarily a matter of taste. However, there are a few things you should bear in mind when making your choice. Handlebar tape is made from different materials - the most common are textile material, cork and artificial leather. There are also handlebar tapes made of rubber. Which handlebar tape is right for you depends entirely on what requirements you place on your handlebar tape and what you intend to use it for.

In addition to the material, there are other things you should look out for when buying a handlebar tape: First of all, there is the design. As the handlebar tape will cover almost the entire handlebars of your bike, you should think carefully about the color beforehand. The most popular color for most road cyclists is black, as this matches best with other bike parts such as the saddle, seat post, tires or stem and handlebars. However, there are also road cyclists who like to fit white handlebar tape or handlebar tape in other colors. At Bike Punk, we therefore offer handlebar tape in a wide variety of colors and patterns. In addition to the design, the cleanability of a handlebar tape is also a factor. Bright colors in particular get dirty quickly. The handlebar tape should therefore be easy to clean so that it retains its color for a long time.

Handlebar tape for road bikes - The purchase criteria at a glance

Grip: The handlebar tape should provide as secure a grip as possible and be non-slip - even in wet conditions.

Damping: The handlebar tape should protect against shocks and vibrations - and thus increase comfort.

Durability: The handlebar tape should be robust so that it can withstand several rides in adverse conditions or sweat without damage.

Grip feel: The handlebar tape should feel good to grip. Important: You should not feel like you are sticking to the handlebars.

Stretchability: The more stretchable and malleable a handlebar tape is, the easier it is to wrap. Rigid handlebar tape, for example, requires significantly more tension when wrapping than flexible handlebar tape.

Design: The handlebar tape should match the look of your bike - or add a visual accent.

Cleanability: How easy is it to remove dirt from the handlebar tape?

As the handlebar tape comes from racing, there are of course many racing bike fans who want to emulate their role models. A frequently asked question is therefore which handlebar tape professional cyclists use. This depends entirely on the race in question and the preferences of the individual racer. In cobblestone races such as the spring classic Paris-Roubaix, for example, most professionals use very heavily padded handlebar tape. Some riders even ride with double-wrapped handlebar tape. And the team sponsors also play a role. In any case, at BIKE Punk you will find a large selection of handlebar tapes that are also represented in the professional peloton. For example, our range includes tapes from companies such as Deda Elementi, Fizik, Silca and Supacaz.

Wrapping handlebar tape made easy: tips for mounting on the handlebars

Before you can wrap your handlebar tape, you should first remove the old handlebar tape and remove any adhesive residue. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, as oily or greasy fingers can have a negative effect on the adhesion of the handlebar tape to the handlebars. In terms of tools, you will need a pair of scissors to cut the handlebar tape to size. You will also need the handlebar plugs to clamp the handlebar tape to the handlebar end. It is also important to use some adhesive tape to attach the handlebar tape to the top of the handlebars. However, both are usually supplied by the handlebar tape companies. The handlebar tape is usually supplied in two rolls - one roll for each side of the handlebars. Cut a short piece about 10-15 centimeters long for the brake lever area.

Some suppliers supply these extra pieces prefabricated. It is best to roll the rubber around the brake levers to the left so that you can wrap the handlebar tape tightly around the actual grip. The handlebar tape should overlap the handlebar end. You can clamp the overlapping part into the handlebars and secure it with a plug. You can now start wrapping. Make sure that the handlebar tape always overlaps slightly and keep the tension high. Particular care is required in the area of the brake lever. This is all the more important because the handlebars are curved in this area. You should avoid creases here at all costs. The handlebar tape should extend as far as possible to the middle of the handlebars. This is important so that you can comfortably grip the handlebars even in the central upper handlebar position. Having trouble attaching the handlebar tape to the handlebars? A small piece of double-sided adhesive tape on the handlebars can help.

Handlebar end plugs: protection and accent on the handlebars - selection and function

Handlebar end plugs are located at both ends of the handlebars and form the closure. They provide protection against dirt, protect the handlebars and, when used with handlebar tape, give the handlebar tape additional grip. Depending on the design, handlebar end plugs are inserted into the ends of the handlebars or screwed on using an expander that expands inside the handlebars. Thanks to different designs, you can use handlebar end plugs to add extra accents to your bike. At Bike Punk, we offer you a selection of handlebar end caps from the brands CINELLI, NITTO, VELO ORANGE, GENETIC and others! Discover our large selection of bike grips and handlebar tapes now and find the perfect accessories for your bike!

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