Bottle Cages for your bicycle

Anyone who rides a sporty bike knows how important it is to stay hydrated. With a bottle cage on your bike, your water bottle is safely stowed away and always ready to hand. At BIKE PUNK you will find a large selection of bottle cages for every bike and every type of bottle. Whether made of aluminum, carbon or plastic, with or without screws, with side access - we have the right holder for you. So you'll always have enough to drink for every race, tour or adventure on your bike. Our sturdy bottle cages from brands such as Tanaka, DEDA Elementi, Lezyne, Cinelli or Genetic offer the necessary safety. Find the perfect bottle cage now that is not only functional, but also looks great with your bike and personal style. Visit us now and discover the variety of bottle cages!

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Bottle cages for bicycles: a wide selection

Anyone who rides a sporty bike needs to drink enough. If you need to drink, a bottle cage on your bike ensures that your water bottle is transported safely and can be accessed quickly when needed. There are bottle cages for every bike, for every purpose and for (almost) every type of bottle. With or without screws, with side access, made of aluminum, carbon or plastic. We will be happy to help you find the right bottle cage for you and your water bottle!

Mounting systems for water bottles on the bike

Mounting systems for water bottles on the bike are essential if you want to take a water bottle with you on your tours. Bottle cages for bikes are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes, materials and for different purposes. Bottle cages can be mounted in various places on the bike. The most common are the down tube and the seat tube of the bike frame. Most bicycle frames are equipped with threaded eyelets on the down tube and seat tube for attaching bottle cages. The distances between the eyelets are standardized so that you can mount almost any bottle cage here.

What you should look out for when buying a bottle cage

Good bike bottle cages make your cycling experience safer, simpler and easier. That's why it's worth giving some thought to which bottle cage might be right for you before you buy. You might ask yourself the following questions: What type of bike am I looking for a bottle cage for and what mounting options can and would I like to use? What mounting options does my bike have? What terrain am I mainly riding on and what are the requirements for the bottle cage? How stable, robust and durable does the bottle cage need to be to meet my needs? What material should the bike bottle cage be made of? Should your new bottle cage weigh as little as possible? Does your new bottle cage need to be integrated into the aerodynamic concept of your bike to offer as little air resistance as possible? What aesthetic requirements do I have for my bike bottle cage? Do I want to remove the bottle from the holder sideways or vertically?

Our range of bottle cages

With our range of bottle cages, we at BIKE PUNK ensure that you have your water bottle quickly and safely to hand for every race, every tour or the next adventure on your bike - because drinking enough is essential for sustained performance and maximum concentration! We offer dimensionally stable bottle cages from the brands Tanaka, DEDA Elementi, Lezyne, Cinelli and Genetic. A wide variety of colors and shapes allow you to perfectly match the geometry of your bike and your personal style! You can find suitable water bottles for your bottle cage HERE!

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