Road bike and track handlebars

Discover our selection of road bike and track handlebars in our Bike Punk online store. Our handlebars for road bikes with a diameter of 26 mm or 31.8 mm ensure optimum riding comfort and performance. The curved shape allows a variety of grip positions to avoid one-sided loads and optimize aerodynamics. Find the right handlebars for your road bike, fixie or singlespeed now and order conveniently online.

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Discover high-quality road bike and track handlebars in the Bike Punk online store

Road bike handlebars for maximum performance and comfort

With racing bikes and track bikes, it is often the smallest details that determine riding comfort and performance. One important component that plays a major role here is the handlebars. Especially on a road bike with a diameter of 26 mm or 31.8 mm, the handlebars make a valuable contribution and offer various advantages. Thanks to the large number of different models, perfectly suitable handlebars are available for almost every road bike. Discover our extensive range now and conveniently order the right handlebars for your road bike, fixie or singlespeed online.

Drop bars for an aerodynamic riding position

The classic road bike handlebars, also known as drop bars, can be found on every road bike and enable a particularly aerodynamic riding position. Here you will find special road bike handlebars for a wide range of applications. Gravel handlebars in particular, which are inspired by classic road bike handlebars and have been adapted, offer a wider design and therefore more stability and safety when steering. The special shape of the gravel handlebars with a raised flare allows you to adopt different grip positions and therefore ride more comfortably. Some models also offer additional mounting points for accessories such as lighting and navigation.

Modern road bike handlebars for improved comfort and control

With the technical development of the road bike, road bike handlebars have also improved. In addition to classic bar shapes, there are also ergonomic shapes such as Ergo bars with a compact shape for more comfortable riding in the lower handlebars. Also popular are racing handlebars with anatomically shaped bars, which allow additional grip positions on the lower handlebars. For an optimal riding experience and an individual riding position, we offer a variety of different road bike handlebars in our range.

Wide selection of road bike handlebars for different needs

Whether on a road bike, cyclocross bike or gravel bike - choosing the right handlebars is crucial for a comfortable ride. With different handlebar shapes, widths and functions, you will find the perfect road bike handlebar for your needs. In addition to classic bar lengths and shapes, we also offer special basic or bullhorn handlebars as well as track handlebars for an even more individual riding experience. When choosing a new handlebar, be sure to pay attention to the clamp diameter, handlebar width, reach and other important factors to ensure an optimum fit and performance.

Carbon or aluminum - the right choice of material for your road bike handlebars

When buying road bike handlebars, you have the choice between different materials such as aluminum and carbon. While carbon handlebars score points for their lower weight, higher torsional stiffness and better vibration damping, aluminum handlebars are often cheaper and more robust in the event of a crash. Depending on your personal preferences and area of use, you can choose the right handlebars for your road bike from us.

Experience comfort and performance with our high-quality road bike handlebars

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