Cycling Caps and Hats

We offer you a selection of proven cycling caps and hats of various brands for various purposes and conditions! If you have questions about the items offered in this category or want a general advice, contact us best by mail or just visit us in our SHOWROOM in Berlin-Kreuzberg! If we do not have a certain product in stock, we will try to get it for you in a timely manner. We are happy to advise and accompany you on all topics related to your bike. For the latest products, inspiration and information follow us on Instagram!

Cycling Caps for road and gravel tracks

Cycling caps are indispensable in cycling. The lightweight caps to wear under the bike helmet are not only a trendy accessory. They also offer you maximum functionality on the bike.  In our range you will find a wide selection of cycling caps that are suitable for wearing under the helmet. Even without a helmet you are stylish with Cycling Cap. They are available in all popular sizes, colors, team styles, materials and price classes. Discover the bike caps in the assortment of Bike Punk!

What is a Cycling Cap?

Cycling Caps are peaked caps that are usually worn under the helmet. Depending on the material and the material properties, they protect your head in winter from wind and cold, or in summer from insects and UV radiation. Especially the eye-catching caps are in the summer. Available are the summer caps in all popular colors, styles and shapes to match your outfit and even as a team cap matched to the outfits of the pros.

Why do you need a cycling cap?

Cycling caps are not windproof and do not necessarily protect you from the cold, but they show all their skills on warm days. Through the additional layer under the helmet, they keep annoying insects at bay, reduce the UV radiation that hits your head, and can also easily protect you from the blinding sunlight with their small sunshield. Thanks to the functional materials, the cap quickly wicks away excess moisture and heat to the outside, leaving you feeling pleasantly cool and dry. Ideal for warm days!

Road Caps for cold days.

If you want to protect yourself from cool wind on cold days, you should reach for a warming cycling cap. These differ in their material from the summer cycling caps, because here especially the cold protection and insulation is in the foreground. If you are looking for special cycling caps for winter, you should take a look here.

Cycling cap under the helmet - what to consider?

It is important that the bike cap or Hat under the helmet does not cause any pressure points. The combination with some helmet closure rings at the back of the head can press - then you can either adjust the helmet differently or try another cap. The cap should also not be too tight - if you have a large head, for example, you should look for more elastic materials or generously cut models. If you wear glasses while cycling, make sure that it doesn't get too tight between your glasses, cap/visor and helmet - and wear the temples of your glasses over your cap. If you want to wear a lined cap or headband in winter, make sure when buying a helmet that a slightly thicker fabric fits underneath without pinching and that the helmet still sits straight and can always be closed well! Matching bike helmets to your new cap, you can find HERE.

With the right choice of the right cap for you, nothing should go wrong. If you have any questions, just contact us by mail. We will be happy to help you with tips and advise you on your choice.