Brake Cables, Outer Housing and Accessories

Brake systems only work as well as their components, and the brake cables and sleeves are among the parts that need to be replaced regularly. To ensure that your brakes continue to function reliably even after prolonged use, it is advisable to replace the cables regularly. An indication that it is time for a replacement is sluggish operation or decreasing braking performance. In our range you will find a variety of brake cables and complete brake cable kits including housings. You can also take this opportunity to consider whether you would like to have a different color of housing - because there are (almost) no limits to your imagination here.

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Types and materials of brake cables

For all riders of rim or mechanical disc brakes, the time will come when you will need to replace worn or already torn brake cables and their outer casing. Different qualities are noticeable in the material. Cheaper cables can rust, while stainless steel cables are a little more expensive. In our range we have brake cables with barrel nipples as well as Bowden cables with pear nipples. Basically, you can say that you need barrel nipples for STI brake levers. If you have flatbar handlebars, you should take a closer look at your levers.

The outer sleeves can also be uncoated on the inside or coated with better and easier-gliding materials such as Teflon. In contrast to shifter cable housings, brake cable housings are cross-wound so that the cable can absorb as much force as possible. High-quality outer housings are available in various designs and colors. How about a change of color? Perhaps to match the handlebar tape?

So if you take care of your brakes, you will have a lot more fun riding again. A well-adjusted brake will help you glide safely through the concrete jungle.

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