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Discover a variety of bullhorn handlebars for your bike in our Bike Punk webshop! Bullhorn handlebars combine the advantages of drop bars with a slim design and offer different grip positions for a comfortable riding experience. We stock models from Nitto, Cinelli and BLB in various designs. Whether classic bullhorn handlebars or Pursuit Bullhorn - you'll find the right option for you here. Mounting shift levers and brakes on the horns ensures a tidy cockpit. Benefit from extra stability and safety when riding fixed. Find your perfect bullhorn handlebars in our store or online!

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Discover the variety of bullhorn handlebars for bikes in our Bike Punk webshop! Models from Nitto, Cinelli and BLB for a comfortable ride! Find the right bullhorn handlebars for you!

Discover the diverse selection of Bullhorn handlebars at BIKE PUNK

In the bullhorn handlebar category at BIKE PUNK you will find a wide selection for your bike. Bullhorn handlebars combine the advantages of drop bars with a slimmer silhouette and attractive design. Bullhorn handlebars allow you to adopt different grip positions and ride particularly efficiently when sprinting. We mainly stock models from renowned brands such as Nitto, Cinelli and BLB in various clamp sizes and designs.

The advantages of Bullhorn handlebars in sprints and time trials

Bullhorn handlebars originally come from the time trial sector, where they are used in combination with special attachments. Shift levers and brake levers can be mounted on the horns, which makes for a tidy cockpit. With a flat bar and two horns, Bullhorn handlebars extend the grip options by two additional positions. This allows you to take the strain off your hands and arms.

Classic vs. Pursuit Bullhorn handlebars: Which one suits you?

There are two main types of Bullhorn handlebars: the classic Bullhorn handlebar and the Pursuit Bullhorn. The Pursuit Bullhorn is slightly sloping and allows a more sporty position on the bike. Models from brands such as Deda also have flattened grip surfaces to improve ergonomics.

Tips for selecting and fitting Bullhorn handlebars

If you are looking for a classic bullhorn handlebar, models from BLB and Nitto are recommended. When choosing the right handlebars, it is important that the clamping dimension matches that of the stem and that the brake levers match the handlebars. Mounting the brake levers on the horns gives you better accessibility in sportier positions and ensures a discreet look.

Benefit from the versatility of the Bullhorn handlebars

Bullhorn handlebars offer additional stability and safety when countering and skidding, especially when riding fixed. Most models are in stock in our store and can be inspected on site. Find the right Bullhorn handlebars for your bike and benefit from the versatile application options and appealing design.

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