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Bicycle parts: drive components, brakes, handlebars, wheels, pedals, frames, tires, seatposts, mudguards, headsets, stems - Wide range of high-quality bicycle parts for singlespeed, fixies, gravel bikes, road bikes, and more at BIKE PUNK. Find the right parts for your bike's drive, brakes, handlebars, wheels, pedals, frames, tires, seatposts, mudguards, headsets, and stems here. Explore the variety of bike parts in our online shop now.

Parts and components for bicycles

In the BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP, we offer a diverse selection of bike parts, especially for Fixed-Gear and Singlespeed bikes. However, owners of road bikes, touring bikes, or gravel bikes will also find what they need with us. Whether you are looking for new drive components like cranksets, bottom brackets, chains, or cogs, searching for new wheels and tires, needing an upgrade for your braking system, or in search of a new saddle - we have the right offer for you! Additionally, we offer a wide range of stems, handlebars, grips, and handlebar tapes for a new cockpit. Whether a new headset, fenders, or even a complete frame set for your project - we have what you need. Order online or visit us in person, where our workshop will gladly take care of the assembly for you!

The right choice for your bike drive at BIKE PUNK

At BIKE PUNK, you'll find a wide range of parts for your bike drive, especially for Fixed Gear or Singlespeed bikes. The key components of a bike drive are the bottom bracket, the crankset, the chain, and the cog. We recommend replacing all three parts together when updating your drive to ensure even wear and extend the lifespan. Our range includes high-quality cranks from Brick Lane Bikes, Sugino, and Miche, as well as cogs and chainrings in various designs. The Japanese manufacturers Izumi and D.I.D offer top-notch chains for use on the track and in everyday life. A stiff crank is crucial for efficient power transfer and the durability of the bottom bracket. At BIKE PUNK, you'll find cranksets from renowned brands that are perfectly matched. The bottom bracket plays a crucial role in the smooth pedaling of the pedals and power transfer to the rear wheel. Be sure to regularly check and replace your bottom bracket to maintain your bike's performance. Learn more about the components of the bike drive on our website!

Finding the right brake system for your bike: Tips and recommendations

The brake system on your bike essentially consists of the brake lever as the control unit, the brake caliper as the actual brake, and the brake cables or brake lines, which transmit the force from your hands to the brake. A perfect interaction of these components ensures optimal braking performance. Brakes are an essential part of every bike and must be reliable and safe. Our range focuses on rim brakes for road bikes, Fixed Gear/Singlespeed, and gravel bikes. If you are looking for disc brakes, contact us, and we will be happy to help. We offer classic Caliper road bike brakes with a good price-performance ratio, but also Canti and V brakes for more tire clearance and braking power, mainly for gravel and touring bikes. Our Caliper brakes from BLB in London offer a high-quality selection at attractive prices. The choice of the right brake lever is also crucial. Special brake levers allow precise modulation of the braking point and pressure. Normal additional brake levers are suitable for a Caliper brake. Our range also includes high-quality brake levers from Ridea, which convince with low weight and perfect workmanship. For classic bikes, we offer retro brake levers with matching clamps. Singlespeed brake levers for drop bar bikes promote an ergonomic posture on longer rides. There are different cable attachments for brake cables such as barrel or pear, depending on the brake type. Special cables for mechanical disc brakes are particularly robust and durable. Learn more about brakes on the bike HERE.

Wide selection of high-quality handlebar tapes and grips - the right model for every bike

Discover a diverse selection of handlebar tapes and grips for your bike with us. We offer individual and high-quality products from well-known brands like BLB, Lizard Skins, Supacaz, and many more. Our grips and handlebar tapes are essential contact points with the bike and offer you the opportunity for personal customization. We offer special grips for BMX bikes as well as popular models from the MTB sector like the Oury Grips with a long tradition. For more comfort on longer rides, we recommend ergonomic models from Fabric. Screw-on bike grips offer higher quality and easy installation compared to pressed models. Discover special grips like the NJS certified Strong V grips for track bikes. Our range also includes special models from Cinelli and Odi like the Odi X Vans collaboration or the Cinelli x Mike Giant Artist Edition. Handlebar tape is mainly used for sporty bikes and must ensure comfort and grip. We offer simple gel models as well as specialized handlebar tapes from Fizik, Lizard Skins, and Supacaz with advanced materials and unique designs. For classic road bikes, we recommend perforated models from Bombtrack and Deda, which effectively transport sweat. Discover more about grips and handlebar tape with us!

The diversity of wheels: From Singlespeed to road bike - all options available with us

Wheels are a central element of the bike and have a significant impact on the riding behavior. With us, you will find wheels especially for Singlespeed and Fixed Gear bikes, as well as customized wheel building and wheel sets for cargo bikes, gravel bikes, and road bikes. Wheels for Fixed Gear and Singlespeed bikes typically have a rear hub width of 120mm and a front hub width of 100mm with threads for cogs and freewheels. Road bike and gravel bike wheels have mounts for gear cassettes and freewheels, with varying hub widths. For custom-built wheel sets, we are happy to advise you and create the ideal set for you. For high-quality wheel sets, we recommend our handcrafted wheel sets from BIKE PUNK. Find our selection of products for your new wheel or the matching wheel set HERE.

Discover the wide selection of bike handlebars in the BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP!

Discover the wide selection of bike handlebars in the BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP! We offer road bike handlebars, track bike handlebars, Singlespeed handlebars, riser bars, flat bars, and bullhorn handlebars for different types of bikes such as road bikes, gravel bikes, Singlespeeds, Fixies, cargo bikes, commuter bikes, city bikes, and urban bikes. Whatever your intended use, you will find the right handlebar for your bike with us. Choose from a variety of handlebars, ranging from classic road bike handlebars to bullhorn handlebars, flat bars, and riser handlebars. The choice of the right handlebar depends on the bike's geometry, intended use, and your sitting position. Wide riser or flat bars, for example, offer a more upright sitting position and more stability and control, while bullhorn handlebars offer more grip positions for time trials. We also have different road bike handlebars for touring and commuter bikes as well as Pista handlebars for track rides in our range. Modern road bike handlebars are ergonomically designed and allow for a comfortable grip position. Mounting brake levers on the tops is often possible. Find your perfect handlebar HERE with us!

Discover the diverse selection of pedals and straps at BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP

Discover a diverse selection of pedals and straps for your bike at BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP. Choosing the right components at the contact points of your bike is essential for your riding comfort and safety. Our platform pedals, flat pedals, clipless pedals, and combination pedals offer the right solution for every purpose. We offer pedals made of various materials such as plastic, aluminum, and carbon, tailored to the needs of various bikes and riding styles. BMX pedals with interchangeable pins, high-quality metal pedals for classic bikes, or the right clipless systems for road and MTB - you will find everything with us. Our straps are proven and tested, offering various options depending on needs and pedal model. Let us advise you and find the perfect pedals and straps for your bike. Go to the pedals section now.

Find the perfect frame or frame set for your individual bike project

If you want to put together a custom bike and are looking for a suitable frame, buy your complete bike and save money compared to buying the components individually. We offer handpicked frames from brands like BLB, Brother Cycles, Fyxation, and Bombtrack for Singlespeed, Fixie, track bike, gravel bike, touring bike, and road bike. Our expertise lies especially in track frames for Singlespeed and Fixed Gear bikes, but we also have models with everyday usability and comfort. With the right frame as a foundation, you can customize your dream bike according to your individual needs. Find the perfect foundation for your project with us!

Discover our wide range of high-quality bike tires and accessories

Reliable bike tires: A wide selection of branded products! Here you will find a diverse selection of tires, tubes, and accessories from well-known brands like Continental, Panaracer, Schwalbe, WTB, and HALO for your bike. Tires play a crucial role in the riding experience as they establish the contact between the bike and the ground. They significantly influence the fun of riding, performance, comfort, and safety. Choosing the right tire for your bike is important. The size of the tires depends on the rims and the frame. Most tires have the size 700c or 622c, also known as 28 inches. The width of a tire is given in millimeters, e.g., 622x28c for a 28mm wide tire. Classic road bike tires have a width of 20 to 30mm, while gravel and touring tires are often between 35 and 45mm. The selection of rubber compounds, profiles, and constructions from different manufacturers influences the characteristics of a tire such as grip, weight, rolling resistance, puncture resistance, and durability on different surfaces. Discover our extensive range of high-quality bike tires and find the perfect tire for your needs.

Which bike saddle is right for you? Find the perfect saddle for your comfort while cycling!

The buttocks often hurt on longer bike rides. Different saddle manufacturers offer different shapes, cutouts, surfaces, and constructions, including special women's saddles. The choice of the right saddle depends on anatomical conditions, personal preferences, and the weight distribution of the rider. The width of the saddle should be chosen according to the sit bone distance. The intended use of the bike also plays a role. We offer a variety of saddles from brands like BLB, Fabric, Cinelli, and Bombtrack for various bikes, including gravel bikes, road bikes, Fixies, and classic bikes. The saddle influences the comfort on daily rides and weekend trips. With us, you will find the perfect saddle for your bike. Check it out HERE.

Robust seat posts from well-known brands in the BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP

All seat posts in the BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP are robust and extensively tested to safely bear the rider's weight. We offer seat posts in various diameters and colors from well-known brands like BLB, CINELLI, DEDA Elementi, Schindelhauer, Dia Compe, and Thomson. Whether you are looking for a lightweight post for your road bike or something sturdy for your cargo bike, you will find it with us. Our wide selection caters especially to road bike, gravel bike, Singlespeed, and Fixed Gear riders. The choice of the right seat post depends on your frame measurements and intended purposes. Seat posts are mainly made of aluminum or carbon, with aluminum known for its lightweight. When choosing the seat clamp, consider the frame diameter. To prevent corrosion, we recommend greasing the seat post regularly. Find the right seat post for your bike and your needs in our shop! Go to the seat posts section now.

The perfect selection: High-quality fenders for Singlespeed, Fixie, road bikes, and city bikes

If you are looking for a regular fender or a fender for your road bike, gravel bike, Singlespeed, Fixie, or city bike, we have the perfect solution for you. Our focus is mainly on fenders for road bikes, so we carry high-quality models from SKS, BLB, Musguard, and AssSaver. Particularly practical are the fenders from Ass Savers and Musguard, which can be quickly rolled up and easily stored in your bag when not needed. These are ideal if you only want to use them when necessary. For secure mounting of Fendor Bendor or Musguard fenders, we recommend checking compatibility with your frame and applying protective films to high-quality frames to prevent paint damage. We also carry fixed fenders from Brick Lane Bikes, Pelago, and Curana that are suitable for both road bikes and everyday bikes. We are happy to assist you in choosing the perfect fender - you will surely find the right model with us!

The importance of the headset for your bike: Everything you need to know!

The headset, colloquially also called the headset, is an important part of the bike that is often underestimated. It not only enables steering of the bike but also absorbs forces that occur when riding over obstacles. An intact and well-maintained headset is essential for safe handling. A defective headset can not only make handling more difficult but also lead to serious damage to the frame. The choice of the right headset for your bike can be confusing at first glance, as there are different standard sizes. These range from 1" to 1 1/8" as well as tapered systems for tapered fork shafts and head tubes. The mounting of the headset in the frame can also vary, either by pressing or inserting. It is important to choose the right size and mounting method for your bike frame to ensure optimal and safe steering behavior. Visit us for more information on the headset!

The importance of the stem on the bike for handling and sitting position

The stem on the bike connects the handlebar with the steerer tube and significantly influences the handling and sitting position of the rider. There are two different types of stems: quill stems and Ahead stems. Quill stems are used on classic bikes with threaded steerer tubes, while Ahead stems are common on sporty-oriented bikes. The geometry of the stem can be individually tailored to optimize the rider's posture on the bike. Choose the right length of the stem based on your physical conditions and the geometry of your frame. Discover our selection of stems for your bike.

If you have questions about our range of bike parts, are not sure whether or which are compatible with your bike or want a general advice, contact us via email or just visit us in our BIKE PUNK SHOWROOM in Berlin-Kreuzberg! If we do not have a certain product in stock, we will try to get it for you in a timely manner. We are happy to advise and accompany you on all topics related to your bike. For the latest products, inspiration and information follow us on Instagram!