Bike Parts

In these categories at BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP you will find a wide selection of bike parts with a special focus on components for fixed gear and singlespeed bikes. But you will also find what you need for your road bike, touring bike or gravel bike. Whether you are looking for new drivetrain components such as a crankset, bottom bracket, chain or sprocket; new wheels and new tires; your brake system needs an upgrade or a new saddle for your bike is due - here you will find it! You want a new cockpit? A large selection of different stems, handlebars and associated grips or handlebar-tape you will find with us! Your headset is broken and you need a new one? You need mudguards or a new frameset to start your new project? Order here or come by - Our workshop takes over the assembly for you in case of doubt!

Parts and Components for bicycles

Components for drivetrain

We offer you a large selection of everything you need in terms of parts for your bicycle drive, but especially fixed gear or singlespeed drive. The main components of any bicycle drive are the bottom bracket, crankset, chain and sprocket. These three components are always related to each other and must be considered as a composite. If you are planning to upgrade the drivetrain on your Singlespeed or Fixed Gear bike, it is always best to change the chainring, chain and sprocket at the same time. This prevents uneven wear of the individual parts of your Singlespeed or Fixed Gear bicycle drive and your drive will last longer. The crankset is the heart of every drivetrain on a bike. We mainly offer models from Brick Lane Bikes from London, Sugino from Japan and Miche from Italy. Singlespeed and fixed gear cranks have only one chainring, which is wider than a normal crank. The sprocket and chain are logically also wider. The second core element of the bicycle drive is the sprocket. The sprocket and chainring together determine the gear selected for the drive of singlespeeds and fixed gear. The sprocket must therefore have the right width but also the right thread size for the hub. With the fixed gear drive, the sprocket is fixed with a so-called lockring. This turns in the opposite direction to the sprocket and thus fixes it so that you can also lock and skid. The central element of the bicycle drive, also for Singlespeed and Fixed Gear, is of course the chain. Singlespeed and Fixed Gear chains have a width of 1/2" x 1/8". We mainly have Japanese manufacturers such as Izumi or D.I.D.. Both are known for particularly high-quality track chains and are ridden all over the world on the track as well as in everyday life. The crankset on the bike is also called chainring set, crankset, crankset or colloquially simply crank. Cranks are the pair of levers on the bike that are operated with your feet and transfer your power from your legs to the chainring, chain and sprocket to the rear wheel. Cranks are subjected to high loads, especially compressive and tensile forces, and should be made of high-quality sturdy materials and have a torsion-resistant design. Cranks must be torsionally stiff in order to efficiently transfer the torque generated by the cyclist to the drive. In addition, a torsionally stiff crank extends the life of each bottom bracket. The following applies: The less torsional forces act on the bottom bracket, the less play can occur in the ball bearing.For the parts of a bicycle crank both steel, aluminum but also carbon are used. High-quality materials and a professionally correct assembly are important. With incorrect assembly, the cranks of your crankset can come loose and lead to accidents and damage to your bike. Aluminum is most commonly used - it is lightweight and relatively strong and inexpensive. Steel is quite popular for inexpensive cranksets. Cranks made of steel can be made quite delicate to absorb occurring torsional forces, but are quite heavy. Higher-end cranks for road bikes are often made of Carbn. These are lightweight and extremely strong, but also very costly. When it comes to cranksets, there are basically three different types: the 1-speed crankset has a chainring in addition to your two crank arms, the 2-speed and 3-speed sets with 2 to 3 chainrings. We at BIKE PUNK offer you high quality cranksets from renowned brands and manufacturers especially for your singlespeed or fixie. With our cranksets, however, you can be sure that all individual components in this set fit together and you will enjoy them for a long time! Matching bottom bracket for your new crank and chainrings you will find in our webshop. Should you lack the right tools for assembly or you do not know what to do - our workshop takes over the assembly for you in case of doubt! The bottom bracket is one of the most important components of your bike's drive system. It is the bearing that makes pedalling and the transmission of your power via crankset, chainrings, chain and sprocket to the rear wheel via the tyre to the road possible. In principle, the bottom bracket is positioned between the shaft on which your crankset is mounted and the frame; in the case of square bottom brackets, which are still common today, the shaft is part of the bottom bracket. Often underestimated by customers in the workshop - after all, you can't see it - bottom brackets ensure low-friction rotation of the crank arms and absorb the forces that occur when pedalling. Due to the forces that act on the bearing as a result of the pedalling motion, it is considered to be the most heavily loaded bearing on the bicycle. Bottom brackets are wearing parts and should be replaced at regular intervals. Of course, you will also find a wide range of care products for your bike's drivetrain!

Brake-Lever, brake body and brake cable

The brake system on your bike consists in principle of the brake lever as a control unit, the brake body or caliper with as the actual brake itself, as well as the brake cables with outer casing or the brake line in hydraulic systems that transmit the power from your hands to the brake. An optimal interaction of these three elements provide optimum braking performance on your bike. The brakes are a central component of every bicycle and must be particularly reliable and safe. Our permanent range mainly includes rim brakes for road bikes, fixed gear/singlespeed and gravel bikes. If you are looking for disc brakes, contact us and we will be happy to help you. We have classic Caliper road brakes, which are mostly used on fixed gear and singlespeed frames and offer good value for money, but also Canti and V Brakes, which offer more tyre clearance and more braking power and are mainly used on gravel and touring frames. You will find Caliper brakes from BLB in London, who also offer higher quality CNC machined models with a particularly good price/performance ratio. We also have a good selection of modern and classic Canti and V Brake models from manufacturers such as Dia Compe and Shimano. Choosing the right brake lever is also key. There are special brake levers for brake systems that allow you to control the braking point and pressure of the brake. For a Caliper brake, however, you can use normal auxiliary brake levers. The differences are the quality of the workmanship and the weight. Probably the highest quality brake lever in our range is made by Ridea and impresses with its incredibly low weight and perfect workmanship. If you want to equip your classic bike with new brake levers, we also have special retro brake levers with the right clamping for your bike. For bikes with drop bars, we offer singlespeed brake levers, which promote a particularly good ergonomic posture even for longer distances. There are basically two different types of brake cable mountings. The so-called barrel, which is more common on MTB brakes, and the bulb, which is more often found on road bikes. Brake cables can have very different properties and are often paid little attention to. For example, there are special, particularly compression-resistant cables for disc brakes. Furthermore, the material composition can differ significantly and, for example, strongly influence the smoothness but also the durability.

Bicycle Grips and Handlebar Tape

Here you will find a wide selection of handlebar tapes and grips for your bike. We offer you particularly individual and high-quality handlebar tapes and grips from manufacturers such as BLB, Lizard Skins, Supacaz and many more. Grips and handlebar tape are particularly important because they form one of the three contact points to the bike but also offer a particularly good opportunity for customization. We have grips for bikes from different disciplines. Here you will find grips that are especially designed for BMX bikes and offer you particularly good grip and safety during tricks. Very popular and well-known grips from the MTB area are the Oury Grips, which can refer to a long tradition in the MTB area and are driven on trails around the world for decades. If you are looking for particularly ergonomic bike grips, we have special models of Fabric in the range. These offer a particularly good comfort on longer routes and in everyday life. If you're looking for a higher quality model, screw-on bike grips are a good choice. The cheaper models are usually just plugged onto the handlebars, whereas the higher quality ones are clamped onto the handlebars and thus sit tighter and are much easier to install and remove. If you are looking for special grips for track bikes, we have the NJS certified Strong V grips in our range, which are the perfect finish for your track bike. But you can also find special models from Cinelli and Odi like the Odi X Vans collaboration or the Cinelli x Mike Giant Artist Edition bike grips in black and red. The handlebar tapes is used especially on sporty bikes and must not only guarantee comfort on long rides, but also provide high grip and durability. We have many simpler models of gel from manufacturers such as Deda and BLB in the range but also high quality, specialized handlebar tapes from manufacturers such as Fizik, Lizard Skins and Supacaz. Supacaz combines extremely high quality and advanced materials from cycling with modern and unique designs that are guaranteed to be a highlight on your bike. If you're looking for a handlebar tape for a more classic road bike, we have perforated models from Bombtrack and Deda in our range. These handlebar tapes are usually less padded, but transport sweat through their perforation particularly well to offer you always good grip.

Bicyle wheels and wheel parts

The wheels are a particularly central element of the bike and have together with the frame with the greatest influence on the driving behavior - In our shop you will find mainly wheels for singlespeed and fixed gear bikes but also individual wheel construction and wheel sets for your cargobike, gravelbike or road bike. Wheels for fixed gear and singlespeed bikes usually have an installation width of 120mm rear and 100mm front and have threads on the rear hub for fixed gear sprockets and singlespeed freewheels. Wheels for road bikes or gravel have a receptacle on the hub for a shifting cassette and a freewheel in the hub. The installation widths can be different - but particularly widespread is an installation width of 142x12mm rear and 100x10mm front. The width of the rim of the wheel defines the possible tire widths. Thus, the rims of Gravel wheels are significantly wider than those of conventional road bikes to ensure a better fit wider tires. If you are looking for a custom built wheelset for you, we will be happy to advise you and build the ideal wheelset for you. For higher quality wheelsets, a custom wheelset handmade by BIKE PUNK is an option. Each wheel consists of hub, spokes and rim. The components must be well matched to build an ideal wheel. The most popular rims in our range are from H PLUS SON, which build particularly high-quality and beautiful rims. On most individual wheels we install modern rims such as the SL42 or Archetype. If you are looking for a particularly classic model for your custom wheelset, the TB14 rim is the ideal choice for you. When choosing the hub, the installation width of the frame is particularly decisive. With a track frame with 120mm you can only install hubs with this installation width in your custom wheelset. Track hubs often have a higher flange to offer the wheelset a higher stiffness. One of the wheelsets for singlespeed and fixed gear with particularly good price / performance ratio is the Halo Aerotrack as front- and rearwheel. The wheelset is relatively light, stable and has particularly high-quality and durable hubs from the British manufacturer Halo. If you are looking for something cheaper, Aventon has with the Push a set on offer, which lets you ride fast and priceworthy.


We from BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP offer you a wide range of different handlebars for your bike. We have road bike handlebars, handlebars for your trackbike or singlespeed, riser bars and flat bars and bullhorn handlebars in the range. Whether road bike or gravelbike, whether singlespeed or fixie, cargobike, commuter bike and city and urban bike - at BIKE PUNK you will find the right bike handlebar for every bike type and for every purpose! With us you will find a wide selection of handlebars for your bike. We have classic road bike handlebars, but also bullhorn handlebars, flat bars and riser handlebars on offer. The choice of the right handlebar depends on the geometry of your bike, the intended use and your preferred seating position. For example, if you want to sit a little more upright and need extra stability and control, wider risers or flat bars are recommended as handlebars. These are particularly common on MTBs and as handlebars on everyday bikes. Most risers and flat bars are 750mm and wider and are often shortened afterwards to the desired width. If you are missing the right tool for shortening the handlebars or you do not know exactly how - in the BIKE PUNK showroom we can help you or take over that for you. Bullhorn handlebars are used especially much in time trials and offer similar to classic road bike handlebars more grip positions than riser or flat bars. Most Bullhorn handlebars such as the Deda Crononero series have an ergonomically shaped grip surface, holes for internally routed cables and are designed to be driven with TT brakes. You can find suitable models for your Bullhorn handlebar here. Particularly sporty Bullhorn handlebars are the so-called Pursuit, so pursuers Bullhorn handlebars, which are sloping and thus allow a lower and more aerodynamic seating position. In our shop you will also find Bullhorn handlebars with classic dimensions, for example, for your classic road bike and models of Nitto from Japan, which convince with particularly high quality, perfect workmanship and long tradition. Most grip positions offer but racing handlebars, which are now also available in many modifications. Thus, especially Velo Orange offers various road bike handlebars for touring and touring bikes. These are usually wider, more ergonomically shaped and have particularly strong flare, the drop of the road handlebars thus goes significantly further out than the so-called tops. This allows greater stability in the lower handlebar than conventional road handlebars and simplifies the attachment of handlebar-bags. If you are looking for a road handlebar for the track, we also have classic Pista handlebars in the range. These have significantly more drop than conventional road handlebars and sloping tops that grip less comfortable than conventional road handlebars. Modern road bike handlebars usually have a moderate drop, so you are not extremely deep in the lower handlebar and are more designed for an ergonomic grip posture. With road handlebars often offers a mounting of the brake levers on the tops. This gives you good access to the brake lever in both the upper and lower handlebars.

Pedals, Pedal Straps, Pedal Cages and more

In our assortment we offer you a wide selection of pedals and straps for your bike. There are basically three points with which your body with the bike - the saddle, the pedals and grips or handlebar-tape on your handlebars. The choice of suitable components for you at these contact points play a major role in terms of riding comfort and safety, depending on the intended use and your individual riding style. Mounted on the respective crank arms, pedals transmit your power while pedaling via the drivetrain (crankset, chain or belt and finally sprocket) to the rear wheel with tire and thus convert it directly and extremely efficiently to the road into propulsion. Often underestimated because of their inconspicuousness, pedals represent one of the most important components of your bike. Bicycle pedals are available in a wide variety of designs. We at BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP offer you a wide selection of platform pedals and flat pedals as well as a selected range of clipless pedals and combination pedals. Which pedal variant suits you and your bike depends mainly on your riding habits and the intended use of your bike. Furthermore, we offer you a wide range of pedal-straps and other accessories - tried and tested by us and a large number of customers. We have pedals for various bikes and uses in the assortment.  Our program includes products of the brands BLB, FYXATION, VELO ORANGE; SCHINDELHAUER, Éclat, CULT, GENETIC and of course pedals of our own BIKE PUNK brand. Most common in fixed-gear and singlespeed bikes are pedals that come from the BMX area. These have a particularly large surface and knobs that offer you ideal grip. Basically, pedals are mostly made of hardened plastic, aluminum or even carbon. Pedals made of plastic have the advantage that they are quite stable but still relatively light and usually have a particularly good price / performance ratio. Pedals made of metal often have a higher quality finish, but tend to be somewhat heavier than pedals made of plastic. With BMX pedals, the knobs can often be unscrewed and changed. If you are looking for a pedal for a more classic bike or looking for something high quality, you will mostly find pedals made of metal. We mainly have manufacturers like MKS and Velo Orange. But also Schindelhauer has with the Urban CNC a very high quality pedal with a Griptape on the surface for ideal grip. Pedals with carbon we have only on request in the range. If you are interested, please contact us. If you ride fixed, you must either ride clipless pedals or equip pedals with straps to be able to counter and skidden. Therefore it is important that your pedals have guides with enough space for your straps. For click systems you have to decide between pedals for road and MTB. For everyday life and touring are mostly MTB systems, because you can run better with the shoes and have more play in the pedal. When choosing the straps, it is again important what pedals you have and how your needs are. There are straps that are particularly firm in shape, making them great for tricks and easier to use. If you're looking for straps that fit the shoe a little more and fit narrower pedals, you should choose a model with less shape stability. We're happy to help you choose the right straps for your pedals.

Bicycle Frames, Framesets and Forks

Buying a new bike as a complete-bike is good and offers definite advantages. A complete-bike is generally much cheaper than if you look for and buy the components for it individually. But you don't want to buy a standard off-the-shelf bike? Your individual dream bike should consist of hand-picked individual parts? You want to customize your future bike perfectly to your individual needs and plans? Then you are right here because the construction of your bike starts with the choice of the right frame! The frame is the central element and the basis of your bike. An important role in your choice plays both the material, the frame type, the geometry, as well as the possibilities that the frame should offer you for its planned tasks and your individual needs. In this category we offer the right bike frame and forks for your future bike for the desired purpose of the brands BLB, Brother Cycles, Fyxation, Bombtrack and others. We at BIKE PUNK are specialized in frames for your singlespeed, fixie or track bike. But we also have various selected, well-tested, models of frames for your future gravel bike, touring bike, or road bike in the assortment. The frame is the central element and the basis of your bike. We are particularly specialized in track frames for singlespeed and fixed gear bikes. Track frames are characterized by the fact that they have a geometry designed for fixed gear and singlespeed, unlike other bicycle frames. Thus, track frames usually have a raised bottom bracket to avoid a bounce of the pedals on the track and in curves. What also distinguishes track frames from classic bike frames is that the dropouts in the rear frame triangle must be horizontal. This allows the chain to be tensioned. Many track frames are also more compact than, for example, road bike frames or frames for gravel bikes, which makes for a particularly agile ride. There are now also frames for singlespeed and fixed-gear, which are designed for particular everyday suitability and touring. The Allday from Brother Cycles, for example, also has horizontal dropouts and a raised housing for the bottom bracket, but a much more comfortable geometry, particularly large tire clearance and mounts on the bike frame for cantilevers and V Brakes as well as brake guides and eyelets for mounting racks and luggage carriers. The range of applications and everyday suitability are thus significantly increased and you can thus move your bike safely on a variety of surfaces. Bicycle frames are made of a wide variety of materials. As a rule, aluminum, steel in various alloys and carbon are used. Titanium, bamboo, wood and various plastics are at least still exotic among the materials for frame construction. Frames made of aluminum are widely used. Aluminum is inexpensive. It is relatively light, the material fatigue curve or durability is acceptable. Corrosion or rust are limited or impossible due to the material properties of aluminum. In principle, nothing speaks against an aluminum bicycle! Most bicycle frames are made of aluminum. In terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability, aluminum is an ambivalent matter: although it can be recycled, it is significantly more energy-intensive to manufacture and is generally much less durable than steel alloys. So-called fatigue fractures do occur in aluminum components after some time. Nevertheless, aluminum offers itself ber if you are looking for a sporty bike frame for you, which also performs at crits and long tours on the weekend and is particularly fun in the city. Frames made of aluminum are characterized by a particularly high stiffness and a relatively low weight. Steel frames are classics. Before aluminum conquered the market at affordable prices, all bicycles were made of steel. Steel allows very slim tube diameters with good stability. Steel is flexible, so steel frames bring a certain amount of self-damping. Although a steel frame is somewhat heavier, it is much more robust and quite easy to repair in an emergency. For this reason, touring and expedition bikes are built on steel frames. No matter where you are, even in the farthest corners of the world you will always find someone with a welder who can at least mend your broken frame so that your adventure does not end. Steel as a material for bicycle frames is therefore a good choice if you are looking for a particularly resistant and durable frame that is a bit more comfortable but usually also heavier. Bicycle frames made of carbon are usually the most expensive option. But the material is also the one with the best Mx from properties. Carbon fibers can be used to achieve a wide variety of properties, depending on the design and fiber orientation. This means, for example, it can be particularly reinforced in the bottom bracket area and at the same time allows the saddle stays to be designed so that the bike frame is more comfortable to ride. The second major advantage of bicycle frames made of carbon is that a particularly low weight can be achieved. We specialize in track frames for singlespeed and fixed gear, but also offer a range of selected bike frames for gravel, touring and road bikes. If you are interested in an individual bike, the planning always starts with the bike frame as a basis.

Bicycle Tires, Inner Tubes and Accessoires

In this category you will find a wide selection of bicycle tires, inner tubes among others of the brands Continental, Panaracer, Schwalbe, WTB or HALO for your bike and accessories and accessories such as rim tape and valve extensions. The tires play a particularly important role on the bike. They provide the contact between bike and the surface on which you move and thus have a particularly large influence on driving fun, performance but also comfort and of course safety. A bad bike tire slows you down and a good one can really inspire you. With bicycle and road bike tires is a lot to consider. The most important is the right size which depends on the rims and the frame. In our range, most tires have 700c or 622c which is the most common dimension and is also known as 28". 622 describes the inner diameter of the tire in millimeters and 700 the outer diameter. However, the outer diameter is a less important and inaccurate indication of a tire, as it is influenced by width and other factors. The second indication on a tire is the width in millimeters and would be 622x28c for a 28mm wide tire, for example.  Classic road bike tires are usually between 20 and 30mm wide, while gravel and touring tires are usually between 35 and 45mm. In addition to the correct dimensions, there are now countless rubber compounds, tire profiles and tire designs of the various manufacturers of bicycle tires have a great influence on the properties of a tire. Significant properties that are influenced are the grip, weight, rolling resistance, puncture resistance and durability on different surfaces.

Bicycle Saddles

You probably know it, the butt hurts at the latest during longer tours on your bike. To relieve the seat area, the various manufacturers work with different shapes, recesses, surfaces, designs and not least special women's saddles. Every buttocks is different and in addition to the anatomical conditions and personal preferences, the weight distribution of the rider between handlebar and saddle also plays a role. When choosing the right saddle, therefore, not only the width to fit the sit bone distance, the padding and optics should play a role, but also the intended use of your bike. The more upright the riding position, the wider the saddle. The more athletic the riding position, the more comfortable a narrower model can be. It also plays a role whether you wear bib-shorts with seat padding. Not for every use is lush padding the way to more comfort. In our shop you will find a wide range of saddles of the brands BLB, Fabric, Cinelli, Bombtrack for various bikes with a special focus on gravel bikes, road bikes, fixies and classic bikes. The saddle is especially important because it decides the comfort of your daily rides and weekend tours. In our shop you will find a wide range of saddles for different bikes with a special focus on road bikes and classic bikes. If you are looking for a classic road bike saddle, we have classics like the Turbo saddle or the Flite 1990 from Selle Italia.  But also manufacturers like BLB from London have a good selection of classic saddles and road bike saddles with leather but also vegan alternatives. If you're looking for a particularly high-quality model, we have several saddles from Brooks on offer. Most of them are road bike saddles like the C15 but we also have wider models like the C17 in our range. The Cambium range from Brooks is made from a type of natural rubber and is characterized by great comfort and high quality. In addition, you have the advantage over classic leather saddles that the saddle can get wet without damage. For classic sporty saddles, especially road bike saddles, we prefer the models of Fabric. These saddles not only impress with their light weight and appealing shape, but are also processed to a high standard. The saddles are available in different widths, heights and rails. The choice of width and height of the saddle depends on your physique. To select the perfect saddle, a measurement is offered. Most rails are made of CroMo or aluminum. The higher quality saddles usually already come with rails made of titanium and carbon, which can significantly reduce the weight while maintaining stability. When mounting saddles with carbon rails, it is especially important to pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications, otherwise they could be damaged. If you ride really long distances, in addition to a suitable and comfortable saddle is definitely a good bib shorts. These increase the comfort again significantly and relieve your body especially on long distances noticeable. For the comfort on the bike, not only the saddle, but also the clothing is crucial.

Seatposts and Seatpost Clamps

The saddle is mounted on the seatpost of your bike. Since it must bear the weight of the rider together with the saddle, all seatposts that you can buy at BIKE PUNK WEBSHOP are robust and tried and tested. Seatposts we carry in all common diameters and various colors, so you are guaranteed to find the right model for your bike. We rely on proven quality from well-known brands, including BLB, CINELLI, DEDA Elementi, Schindelhauer, Dia Compe and Thomson. Whether you are looking for a particularly lightweight seatpost for your road bike or something robust for your cargo bike: BIKE PUNK can help! Here you will find a wide selection of seatposts & seat clamps for your bike with a special focus on road bike, gravelbike, singlespeed & fixed gear bikes. The selection of the right seatpost for you depends primarily on the dimensions of your frame and your intended use. Seatposts are usually made of aluminum or carbon. Aluminum is the most widely used material and is characterized primarily by its relatively low weight. The cheapest models are from Kalloy and are mostly forged. Thus, the seatpost can not be processed particularly fine and has a significantly increased weight. If you are looking for a slightly higher quality model, we have various seatposts from Brick Lane Bikes from London in the range. These are often already CNC milled, significantly lighter and more highly processed than the cheaper entry-level models. But we also have particularly high-quality and special seatposts from traditional manufacturers such as Nitto from Japan in the assortment, which offer the perfect detail for your classic track bike. The highest quality aluminum seatposts are made by Thomson from the USA and are famous from the MTB and road bike sector. The supports of Thomson are CNC machined, very light, due to their oval bore inside yet particularly stable and are characterized by their particularly high quality and easily adjustable head. When choosing the right seat clamp is much less to consider than for seatposts. Important is only the dimension of the frame that determines the diameter of the seat clamp. To prevent the seat post from corroding in the frame, it is particularly important that the post is always only greased when installed in the frame. This prevents the seat post from sitting firmly in the frame at some point and can no longer be removed. You can find various care products for your bike here.

Bicycle Fenders and Mudguards

If you are looking for a normal fender or a fender for your road bike, gravelbike, singlespeed, fixie or even cargobike and citybike, we have ideal solutions for you. Our focus in the mudguards is mainly on mudguards for road bikes. We have mainly mudguards from SKS, BLB, Musguard and AssSaver in the range, because we are convinced of quality and everyday suitability. Mudguards for road bikes are usually particularly light, can be quickly and easily mounted and dismounted and often easily stowed in the bag. Particularly widely used road bike mudguards are the Raceblade mudguards from SKS. The SKS Raceblade mudguards are made of plastic and thus particularly light and yet resistant. The mudguards can be easily attached to the frame using straps and removed again when you just do not need your SKS mudguards. We also have other mudguards from SKS on offer, which can be attached to the seatpost or fork, for example, and offer protection from splashing water and keep your clothes dry easily and effectively. Here offer the classic SKS S-Blade for the rear and the S-Board for the front. The SKS Speedrocker mudguard set, on the other hand, offers excellent protection in the rain and muddy conditions on your gravel bike. Stable, extremely effective, relatively quickly mountable and without great vibration and wobble, these offer protection even in tougher terrain and are an excellent alternative to fixed variants. If you are looking for a mudguard that can quickly disappear in your bag and only when needed its use, we have the mudguards of Ass Savers and Musguard in the range. These fenders can be rolled or folded and thus small and easy to store in the bag. If you need them, they can be easily mounted on the bike and then reliably protect you from moisture. When mounting Fendor Bendor or Musguard mudguards, it is important that you check the compatibility with your frame in advance. For particularly high-quality frames, it is advisable to attach transparent protective films to the frame. These prevent paint chipping by the mudguard. In our shop you will find not only removable road bike mudguards from SKS, ASS Saver and Musgard, but also permanently mounted on the bike mudguards from manufacturers such as Brick Lane Bikes, Pelago and Curana. These mudguards can be mounted on road bikes but also other bikes, but sometimes need eyelets and holes on the frame for mounting. Our permanently installed models make the best as a road bike fender, but are also well suited as a fender for your everyday bike. We are happy to help you choose the perfect mudguard!

Find the right Headset for your bike

The headset is an underestimated, yet very important component on the bike. Not only does it allow the bike to be steered in the first place, it also absorbs forces that occur when riding your bike over bumps, no matter how small, and act on the frame and the rider. An intact and well-maintained headset is essential for proper and safe handling. An incorrectly adjusted or defective headset not only makes handling more difficult, it can also lead to damage to your bike frame that is difficult to repair. The headset is a wear part that should be given some attention. Choosing the right headset for your bike is not always easy at first glance. There are basically different standard dimensions for headsets: 1", 1 1/8" as well as different tapered systems for tapered fork stems and head tubes on the frame. In addition, there are 2 different systematics with regard to the connection of stem and fork with resulting requirements for fork, headset and stem: the threaded headset for fork stems with external thread and stem with internal clamping and the Ahead headset for threadless fork stems and stems with external clamping. In addition, there are details such as positioning of the bearing shells in which the actual bearing sits (internal, external or both mixed) and various standards for the dimensions and angles of the bearing. Choosing the right headset for your bike is not always easy at first glance. There are basically two different standard dimensions for headsets - 1" and 1 1/8". The two dimensions always refer to the diameter of the steerer tube. On classic bikes you will mostly find 1" threaded headsets. With these headsets, the fork is bolted to the headset and secured. This system is nowadays only used on frames inspired by classic bikes and has been replaced by the 1 1/8" Ahead system. In 1 1/8" Ahead headsets, the fork is not fixed in the headset, but with the help of a claw or an expander. In 1 1/8 "headsets there are now many "tapered" models. Tapered refers to the fact that the steerer tube is wider at the lower end than at the upper end and the frame accordingly. This widening leads to the fact that the bike can be steered more stable and controlled. Tapered headset, frame and fork must have the same dimensions. The second key point of differentiation of headsets is the mounting of the headset in the frame. Basically, headsets are either press-fit or press-fit into the frame. Press-in headsets are often marked with an EC or ZS. Headsets with EC have the bearing cups outside the frame and those with ZS inside. However, with both standards, the headset's bearing cups are pressed into the frame. With headsets that are placed in the frame, you will find in the head tube pre-milled shells in which the bearing shells of the headset can sit securely and without slipping. These headsets can be mounted without tools and are very common. To headsets always include accessories such as spacers, top cap and Ahead claw or expander. A claw is hammered into the top of the metal steerer tube and fixes itself in it. If the steerer tube is made of carbon, you must necessarily use an expander instead. The claw or the expander can be connected with a screw to the top cap and thus secure the fork in the frame. The correct installation of the claw or the expander is particularly central to the correct assembly.

Ahead and Quill-Stems

The stem on a bike connects the handlebars and steerer tube. The shape, the length and the angle of the stem define both the handling of the bike and the seating position of the rider. There are roughly two different types of stems: steerer stems and ahead stems. We generally use steerer stems on classic bicycles with forks with a 1" threaded steerer tube and threaded headset. The stems sits inside the steerer tube and are fastened with a clamping or expanding wedge. Threadless stems are now standard straight in the area of ​​sporty bicycles. In contrast to steerer tube stems, Ahead stems clamp on the outside of the steerer tube. The inner diameter of the stem must correspond to the outer diameter of the steerer tube. With a few exceptions, the dimension is 1 1/8". For forks and frames with 1 1/8" Ahead systems that use Ahead stems HERE you will find a wide selection of possible headsets. The stem on your bike, together with the geometry of your frame, greatly influences the handling and ride of your bike. The geometry of the stem (length, angle) allows your bike to be adapted to a high degree to your individual needs, preferences or necessities. The geometry of the stem in combination with the handlebar used determine the posture of the rider on the bike from very sporty aerodynamic overstretched to very comfortable upright. The choice of the right length depends on the size or geometry of your frame and your individual physical requirements (torso and arm length). We at BIKE PUNK offer you various stems of the brands BLB, CINELLI, Thomson, DEDA Elementi and Dia Compe in different geometries, colors and qualities.

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