Wheels and Wheel Parts

The wheels are with frame and drivetrain the most central parts of the bike. Here you will find a wide range of wheel sets - mainly for singlespeed and fixed gear but also road bike, gravel and omnium cargo bikes. But our specialty is the individual wheel construction according to your wishes and needs made by us for you. If you are interested in a custom wheelset for your bike, feel free to contact us in the showroom. If you have questions or would like advice, please contact us by mail or phone or come directly to our store.

Bicycle Wheels, Wheel Sets and Wheel Parts

The wheels are a particularly central element of the bike and have together with the frame with the greatest influence on the driving behavior - In our shop you will find mainly wheels for singlespeed and fixed gear bikes but also individual wheel construction and wheel sets for your cargobike, gravelbike or road bike. Wheels for fixed gear and singlespeed bikes usually have an installation width of 120mm rear and 100mm front and have threads on the rear hub for fixed gear sprockets and singlespeed freewheels. Wheels for road bikes or gravel have a receptacle on the hub for a shifting cassette and a freewheel in the hub. The installation widths can be different - but particularly widespread is an installation width of 142x12mm rear and 100x10mm front. The width of the rim of the wheel defines the possible tire widths. Thus, the rims of Gravel wheels are significantly wider than those of conventional road bikes to ensure a better fit wider tires.

If you are looking for a custom built wheelset for you, we will be happy to advise you and build the ideal wheelset for you. For higher quality wheelsets, a custom wheelset handmade by BIKE PUNK is an option.

Each wheel consists of hub, spokes and rim. The components must be well matched to build an ideal wheel. The most popular rims in our range are from H PLUS SON, which build particularly high-quality and beautiful rims. On most individual wheels we install modern rims such as the SL42 or Archetype. If you are looking for a particularly classic model for your custom wheelset, the TB14 rim is the ideal choice for you.

When choosing the hub, the installation width of the frame is particularly decisive. With a track frame with 120mm you can only install hubs with this installation width in your custom wheelset. Track hubs often have a higher flange to offer the wheelset a higher stiffness.

One of the wheelsets for singlespeed and fixed gear with particularly good price / performance ratio is the Halo Aerotrack as front- and rearwheel. The wheelset is relatively light, stable and has particularly high-quality and durable hubs from the British manufacturer Halo. If you are looking for something cheaper, Aventon has with the Push a set on offer, which lets you ride fast and priceworthy.

We are happy to advise you on choosing your perfect custom wheelset for your bike. If you have any questions or would like advice, feel free to contact us via mail or phone or just come by our store in Berlin!