Helmets for Road- und Gravelbikes

We at BIKE PUNK offer you a small selection of proven bike helmets of the brands GIRO and Lumos for various purposes and conditions! If you have questions about the items offered in this category or want a general advice, contact us best by mail or just visit us in our SHOWROOM in Berlin-Kreuzberg! If we do not have a certain product in stock, we will try to get it for you in a timely manner. We are happy to advise and accompany you on all topics related to your bike. For the latest products, inspiration and information follow us on Instagram!

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Helmets for Road- und Gravelbikes

Riding a bicycle is becoming increasingly popular. Not only as an inexpensive alternative to the car or public transport in the city, but also on country roads, trails in the mountains or forest paths, the number of two-wheeled users is constantly increasing. Sometimes critical situations and accidents occur. Whether you're just going for a quick spin in the woods or you're fighting your way through the urban jungle to work every day in rush hour, it's better not to do without a bike helmet! The human head is very sensitive, even harmless falls or a low-hanging branch in the forest can lead to dangerous injuries to the skull bone or the brain itself and make you a nursing case or even kill you. Bicycle helmets effectively protect a cyclist's head in the event of an accident. It is important that the helmet fits: It must not pinch or wobble. In addition, the forehead, temple and back of the head must be securely covered. The bicycle helmet should also meet the relevant safety standards and have a recognized test mark. Apart from the safety criteria and as a tip for our sports-oriented clientele: In addition to specific close-fitting cycling clothing, aerodynamically sophisticated bicycle helmets significantly reduce air resistance. Besides the protection aspect, the right bike helmets allow you to reach higher speeds with less effort and keep your head cool on your tours or in races! We at BIKE PUNK offer you a small selection of proven bike helmets of the brands GIRO and Lumos for various purposes and conditions!

Tips for buying a bicycle helmet

Police, insurance companies and bicycle associations recommend paying attention to the following criteria when buying and wearing a bicycle helmet:

  • Weight: Lightweight it should be - the lighter the helmet, the more comfortable it is to wear and the less it bothers you when you wear it. Lighter helmets are also safer in everyday road traffic, because with the extra weight on your head, different forces affect your skull in a fall.

  • The right size: The helmet should fit snugly on the head without pressing. It should not twist or wobble on the head. The forehead area and hairline should be covered. Children must be able to independently open and close the bicycle helmet without any problems.

  • The correct fit of the bicycle helmet: Not infrequently observed, the helmet sits casually on the back of the head, the chin strap is too loose or not closed at all. Times seriously: Then leave the helmet at home! So he can definitely not work! Worse, the risk of injury increases significantly! The bicycle helmet must sit horizontally on the head - do not pull deep into the neck or forehead! In the correct position, the head ring is tightened until the helmet is tight. Then the chin strap is closed. There should be about 1.5 cm of space between the strap and the chin. If you have any questions about the correct fit: Come by. We will explain it to you!

  • Ventilation: Ventilation slits prevent overheating. Especially in summer, when the sun is burning, it can get really hot under a helmet.

  • Design: Bright colors for the bicycle helmet increase safety in traffic, because you are more likely to be noticed. Muted colors look chic, but may not be the best choice in fall or winter.

  • Testing standards: Test seals on the bicycle helmet stand for tested material under real conditions, these are the CE quality seal and standard marks such as "EN 1078".

With the right choice of the right cap for you, nothing should go wrong. If you have any questions, just contact us by mail. We will be happy to help you with tips and advise you on your choice.