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Here you will find a wide range of saddles for bicycles from brands such as BLB, Fabric, Cinelli and Bombtrack for various types of bicycles with a special focus on gravel bikes, road bikes, single-speed fixies and vintage road bikes.  Depending on factors such as the individual physical characteristics of the user, the intended use of the saddle with regard to the type of bike and riding position, there are individual requirements for the dimensions and padding of the saddle. If you have any questions about finding the perfect saddle for your needs or would like some advice, please get in touch with us by email or drop by the BIKE PUNK SHOWROOM!

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Saddles with focus on gravelbikes, roadbikes, single-speed, fixies and vintage bikes

You probably know it, your backside hurts at the latest on longer tours on your bike. To relieve the seat area, the various manufacturers work with different shapes, recesses, surfaces, constructions and, last but not least, special women's saddles. Every buttock is different and, in addition to anatomical requirements and personal preferences, the weight distribution of the rider between the handlebars and saddle also plays a role.

The search for the right saddle - the agony of choice.

When choosing the right saddle, it is therefore not only the width to suit the sit bone distance, the padding and the look that should play a role, but also the intended use of your bike. The more upright the riding position, the wider the saddle. The sportier the riding position, the more comfortable a narrower model may be. It also plays a role whether you wear bib shorts with a seat pad. Lush padding is not the way to greater comfort for every use. The choice of saddle width and height depends on your physique. To select the perfect saddle, it is advisable to take measurements. Most rails are made of CroMo or aluminum. The higher quality saddles usually come with rails made of titanium and carbon, which can significantly reduce the weight while maintaining the same stability. When fitting saddles with carbon rails, it is particularly important to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions, otherwise they could be damaged. If you are riding really long distances, a good pair of bib shorts is definitely a good idea in addition to a suitable and comfortable saddle. These significantly increase comfort even more and relieve your body noticeably, especially on long distances. So it's not just the saddle that is crucial for comfort on the bike, but also the clothing.

Bicycle saddles at Bike Punk.

Here you will find a wide range of saddles from brands such as BLB, Fabric, Cinelli and Bombtrack for various bikes with a special focus on gravel bikes, road bikes, fixies and classic bikes. The saddle is particularly important as it determines the comfort of your daily rides and weekend tours. If you are looking for a classic road bike saddle, we have classics such as the Turbo saddle or the Flite 1990 from Selle Italia.  But manufacturers such as BLB from London also have a good selection of classic saddles and road bike saddles with leather as well as vegan alternatives. If you are looking for a particularly high-quality model, we have several saddles from Brooks on offer. Most of them are road bike saddles like the C15, but we also have wider models like the C17 in our range. The Cambium range from Brooks is made from a type of natural rubber and is characterized by great comfort and high quality. In addition, you have the advantage over classic leather saddles that the saddle can get wet without being damaged. For classic sporty saddles, especially road bike saddles, we prefer Fabric models. These saddles not only impress with their low weight and attractive shape, but also their high-quality workmanship. The saddles are available in different widths, heights and rails.