Here you will find brakes, brake levers and accessories for your bike. We mainly have rim brakes for road bikes and fixed gear, but also V-brakes and cantilevers for gravel or cross frames. If you are looking for advice or have any questions, please contact us by mail, phone or just visit us in the BIKE PUNK Showroom!

Brake lever, brake body and brake cables

The brake system on your bike consists in principle of the brake lever as a control unit, the brake body or caliper with as the actual brake itself, as well as the brake cables with outer casing or the brake line in hydraulic systems that transmit the power from your hands to the brake. An optimal interaction of these three elements provide optimum braking performance on your bike. The brakes are a central component of every bicycle and must be particularly reliable and safe. Our permanent range mainly includes rim brakes for road bikes, fixed gear/singlespeed and gravel bikes. If you are looking for disc brakes, contact us and we will be happy to help you. We have classic Caliper road brakes, which are mostly used on fixed gear and singlespeed frames and offer good value for money, but also Canti and V Brakes, which offer more tyre clearance and more braking power and are mainly used on gravel and touring frames.

You will find Caliper brakes from BLB in London, who also offer higher quality CNC machined models with a particularly good price/performance ratio. We also have a good selection of modern and classic Canti and V Brake models from manufacturers such as Dia Compe and Shimano.

Choosing the right brake lever is also key. There are special brake levers for brake systems that allow you to control the braking point and pressure of the brake. For a Caliper brake, however, you can use normal auxiliary brake levers. The differences are the quality of the workmanship and the weight. Probably the highest quality brake lever in our range is made by Ridea and impresses with its incredibly low weight and perfect workmanship. If you want to equip your classic bike with new brake levers, we also have special retro brake levers with the right clamping for your bike. For bikes with drop bars, we offer singlespeed brake levers, which promote a particularly good ergonomic posture even for longer distances.

There are basically two different types of brake cable mountings. The so-called barrel, which is more common on MTB brakes, and the bulb, which is more often found on road bikes. Brake cables can have very different properties and are often paid little attention to. For example, there are special, particularly compression-resistant cables for disc brakes. Furthermore, the material composition can differ significantly and, for example, strongly influence the smoothness but also the durability.

If you have questions about the items offered in this category or want a general advice, contact us best by mail or just visit us in our BIKE PUNK SHOWROOM in Berlin-Kreuzberg! If we do not have a certain product in stock, we will try to get it for you in a timely manner. We are happy to advise and accompany you on all topics related to your bike. For the latest products, inspiration and information follow us on Instagram!