Precision meets performance: high-quality wheels and wheelsets for an incomparable riding experience

In our "Wheels and wheelsets" category, you will find an extensive selection of high-quality bike components for your bike. Whether you are looking for individual wheels or a complete wheelset, you will find what you are looking for here. We offer you a wide variety of wheels in different sizes, materials and designs.

An extensive selection of high-quality wheels and wheelsets

Our Bike Punk online store specializes in fixie, singlespeed, cargo bikes and gravel bikes. We therefore offer wheels and wheelsets that have been specially developed for these types of bikes. Our selection includes lightweight and robust wheels for fast and agile fixies, aerodynamic wheelsets for singlespeed bikes, durable and stable wheels for cargo bikes as well as robust and all-terrain wheels for gravel bikes.

Specialized wheels for fixie, singlespeed, cargo bikes and gravel bikes

Our range only includes products from renowned manufacturers that are known for their high quality and reliability. By using high-quality materials such as aluminum, carbon or steel, our wheels and wheelsets offer an optimal balance between weight, stiffness and durability. Whether you're riding in the city, covering long distances or going on adventurous off-road tours, our wheels and wheelsets can withstand all challenges.

Visit our Bike Punk showroom in Berlin Kreuzberg

Besuche doch auch unseren Showroom in Berlin Kreuzberg, um unsere hochwertigen Fahrradkomponenten persönlich in Augenschein zu nehmen. In unserer Ausstellung findest du nicht nur eine große Auswahl an Laufrädern und Laufradsätzen, sondern auch Fahrräder, Fahrradteile und Fahrradzubehör. Unser kompetentes Team steht dir gerne mit persönlicher Beratung zur Verfügung und hilft dir bei der Auswahl der passenden Komponenten für dein Fahrrad.

High quality and reliability from renowned manufacturers

Order your new wheels or wheelsets from Bike Punk now and benefit from our fast delivery and reliable customer service. We look forward to giving you the best possible cycling experience! Choosing the right wheelset for your bike is particularly important, as the wheels have the biggest influence on the handling of your bike after the frame. In order to select the right wheelset for your bike, it is important that it is tailored to the application and frame. Singlespeed and fixed gear wheels, for example, almost always have an installation width of 120 mm at the rear and 100 mm at the front. Most single-speed / fixed gear wheels have a flip-flop hub with two sides at the rear. This allows you to ride two different sprockets and thus switch between freewheel and fixed or different "gears" by simply turning the rear wheel. Most singlespeed and fixed gear wheels are either designed for rim brakes or no brakes at all.

The importance of the right wheelset for your bike

If you are looking for a suitable wheelset for your gravel or road bike, there are other factors on the frame that you need to consider. The installation width and axle standard can vary. The most common standard is 12x142mm at the rear and 10x100mm at the front. The hubs must then match the brake system. For many gravel and road bike wheels, disc brakes with either Centerlock or 6-point mounting are the most common. An equally important point is the planned tire width. This determines how wide the rims need to be in order to guarantee a good and secure fit of the tire on the wheel. Two main materials are used when choosing the right rim: Aluminum and carbon. Aluminum has the advantage of being relatively lightweight and inexpensive. However, if you are looking for a particularly light or aerodynamic wheelset, carbon is a good choice. Carbon rims are significantly lighter and can therefore be aerodynamically optimized at a comparatively low weight. Most of the modern wheelsets in our range have hubs with industrial bearings and therefore run longer and lighter than conventional hubs with ball bearings.

Custom Laufräder - Handmade by Bike Punk

We also offer to build your own customized wheel by hand. The advantage of custom-built wheels is that you can choose and combine hubs, rims and spokes to perfectly suit your needs and requirements. We build all our wheels carefully by hand in our BIKE PUNK showroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg. With the help of precise tools, the wheels are spoked, centered and then trued and re-centered several times.  This enables us to guarantee maximum stability and durability. Our work steps include the deburring of valve and spoke holes, the precise calculation of the required spoke length, oiling of the spoke threads and the spoking and centering.

If you have questions about the items offered in this category, are not sure whether or which are compatible with your bike or want a general advice, contact us by mail or just visit us in our BIKE PUNK SHOWROOM in Berlin-Kreuzberg! If we don't have a certain product in stock, we will try to get it for you as soon as possible. We are happy to advise and accompany you on all topics related to your bike. For the latest products, inspiration and information follow us on Instagram!