Cranks and Cranksets

The crankset on a bicycle is also known as the chainring set, crankset, crankset or simply crank. High-quality cranks are particularly important as they ensure the transmission of power from the rider to the chainring, chain and sprocket. Cranks must be able to withstand high loads and should be made of robust materials such as steel, aluminum or carbon. At BIKE PUNK you will find high-quality cranksets from renowned brands for your singlespeed or fixie. Our sets are expertly designed and ensure efficient power transmission and an extended service life of the bottom bracket. We offer suitable bottom brackets and chainrings for your cranks and can also help you with installation if required. Trust in our expertise and high-quality products - at BIKE PUNK you are in good hands!

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The right crankset for your bike: materials, construction and assembly are crucial

The crankset on a bicycle, also known as the chainring set, crankset, crankset or simply crank, is an essential component that enables power to be transferred from the rider to the wheel. The cranks on a bicycle are exposed to high loads, especially compressive and tensile forces, so it is important that they are made of high-quality and robust materials.

Materials for bicycle cranks: a comparison of steel, aluminum and carbon

A torsionally rigid design is crucial in order to efficiently transfer the torque to the drive and extend the service life of the inner bearing. If the inner bearing is exposed to fewer torsional forces, there is less play in the ball bearing. Correct installation and high-quality materials are therefore of great importance.

Materials such as steel, aluminum and carbon are used in the manufacture of bicycle cranks. Aluminum is light, stable and comparatively inexpensive, which is why it is often used in cranksets. Steel is often used in cheaper cranksets as it can be made delicate and can absorb strong torsional forces, but is relatively heavy. Carbon cranks are light, extremely stable, but also cost-intensive, which is why they are often used in high-quality road bike cranksets.

Types of cranksets: 1-speed, 2-speed and 3-speed

There are basically three types of cranksets: 1x, 2x and 3x. The 1x crankset has one chainring, while the 2x and 3x cranksets have 2 to 3 chainrings. At BIKE PUNK, we offer high-quality cranksets from renowned brands, especially for single-speed or fixie bikes. Our sets consist of compatible individual components so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

High-quality cranksets from BIKE PUNK: perfect for single-speed and fixie bikes

We also offer matching bottom brackets and chainrings in our online store. If you need the necessary tools for fitting or require assistance, our workshop is happy to help. At BIKE PUNK, we are experts in high-quality bike components and will be happy to help you select and install your new crankset. With our products, you can be sure that you will enjoy your bike for a long time.

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