Cycling Pants, Shorts and Bib Shorts

In our category "Cycling Shorts, Bike Shorts and Bib Shorts" you will find the perfect combination of functionality and comfort for your bike rides. From classic cycling shorts for men and women with seat pads to bib shorts and bib tights for optimal performance and mountain bike pants for off-road adventures - you will find the right cycling clothing for every situation with us. Discover also long cycling pants for tours in cool temperatures and cycling pants specially designed for women and children. Don't miss out on features like reflective elements, breathable material, additional pockets, and much more that will make your cycling shorts the perfect companion on the bike!

The perfect cycling shorts for optimal riding comfort and top performance

In our category "Cycling shorts, bike shorts and bib shorts" we offer a diverse selection of high-quality cycling clothing for every need. Whether you are looking for classic cycling shorts with seat pads or special bib shorts and bib tights for optimal performance, you will find what you need here. For those who prefer off-road cycling, we also offer mountain bike pants that have been specially developed for rough terrain, providing the necessary protection and comfort needed on challenging trails. We also have solutions for cooler temperatures with long cycling pants that keep you warm while allowing optimal movement. Many of our cycling pants feature practical features such as reflective elements to improve visibility on the road. Breathable materials ensure that you stay cool even during intense training sessions. Additional pockets provide the option to securely store essentials like your phone, keys, or snacks without needing an extra bag. Explore our extensive range of cycling pants now and find the perfect companion for your next bike ride. Our high-quality products combine functionality and comfort at an unbeatable price. See for yourself and invest in the right cycling clothing to enhance your cycling experience!

Why a good pair of cycling shorts is essential

Anyone who regularly cycles long distances knows the importance of a good pair of cycling shorts. Whether it's cycling shorts or MTB pants, the right pair of cycling shorts is crucial for comfort and performance, as they are the connection between the rider and the bike. The buttocks and legs are put under significant pressure while cycling, making specially designed cycling shorts essential. A well-fitting and functional pair of cycling shorts enhances the cycling experience and ensures optimal performance.

Cycling shorts for speed enthusiasts

For cyclists who prioritize speed and aerodynamics, classic cycling shorts are the ideal choice. Their tight fit ensures optimal aerodynamics and makes them great for road cycling. High-quality cycling shorts are form-fitting and made of durable, elastic material that provides maximum freedom of movement. The seat pad minimizes friction and pressure on the buttocks, adding extra comfort. Manufacturers offer breathable and antibacterial materials for a comfortable feel.

Bib shorts and bib tights for optimal performance

Bib shorts and bib tights are cycling shorts with braces that provide optimal support and secure fit. The higher back cut protects the kidney area and offers additional comfort. These specialized cycling shorts are popular among dedicated athletes as they do not slip even during intense sprints. Tight cycling shorts with seat pads are the best choice for cyclocross riders as they prevent snagging and ensure maximum freedom of movement.

Casual style for off-road biking: Mountain bike pants

MTB pants combine a relaxed fit with functional features, making them ideal for off-road rides. Robust materials like nylon ensure durability, while flexible stretch inserts in the buttocks area guarantee freedom of movement. The removable inner shorts with seat pads provide additional comfort and protection. Whether it's freeride, downhill, or cross country, MTB pants are suitable for all types of terrain.

Cycling pants for occasional rides and everyday use

For leisurely bike rides or city tours, trekking cycling pants are the perfect choice. These pants are abrasion-resistant, windproof, and water-repellent, offering optimal comfort for relaxed outings. Long cycling pants are ideal for cool days or winter rides, protecting you from the wind and elements.

Cycling pants for women and men: The differences

The fit and construction of the seat pads differ between women's cycling pants and men's cycling pants. The seat pads in women's pants are tailored to the female anatomy and have a wider cut. There are also special cycling pants with pads for children to provide optimum comfort for young riders.

Conclusion: The perfect cycling shorts for every need

Additional reflective elements, elastic materials, breathability, and minimal seams are just some of the features that make the perfect pair of cycling shorts. With the right pair of cycling shorts, you can increase your performance and maximize comfort while riding. Whether it's road cycling, mountain biking, or everyday cycling, the appropriate cycling shorts are an essential accessory for every cyclist.

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