We from BIKE PUNK BERLIN offer you not only individually built according to your wishes, but also pre-configured complete bikes. The big advantage of complete-bikes compared to individually built bicycles is the better price/performance ratio. Most complete bikes are already pre-assembled. This means that you get the bike in a box and then only minor assembly such as handlebars, wheels and seatpost are pending. This allows you to assemble the bike yourself without much prior knowledge or specific special tools. However, we always recommend that you have all complete bikes assembled by professional mechanics in a bike store or at least have them checked after you have assembled them yourself. This way you are on the safe side, especially with safety-relevant components, and your warranty will not expire. If you want to make small or even bigger changes to your complete bike bought from us, you are welcome to contact us and we will advise you on your ideas and conceptions. With us you will find a large selection of different complete bikes - tailored to your intended use. We offer singlespeed and fixed-gear bikes, but also gravel- and urbanbikes from selected manufacturers and in every price segment. If you are looking for a sporty, versatile and proven cargo bike, we have the popular bikes from Omnium or Hagen Bikes on offer.

What type of bike suits you?

A lot has happened on the bicycle market in recent years. Bicycles are becoming more and more specialized and new types of bikes are revolutionizing the cycling world. The gravel bike, for example, has only been around under this name for a few years. Not every bike is suitable for every purpose, but the choice is actually quite simple. Essentially, we differentiate between bicycles for more sporty models (mountain bikes, racing bikes, trekking bikes or fixies and singlespeeds), models for more relaxed use (city bikes or urban bikes) and bicycles for transporting all kinds of things (cargobikes).

In our shop you will mainly find complete bikes from the areas of Fixed-Gear and Singlespeed, Gravel & Allroad and cargobikes from the copenhagen brand Omnium from Denmark or HAGEN from Estonia. If you are looking for a bike with which you can go about your daily life in a sporty and agile way, a Singlespeed or Fixed Gear is often the best choice. These are particularly agile and sporty and give you a lot of fun with their direct handling on your trips in everyday life. We also have special complete bikes for the city of BLB in the assortment. These are usually equipped with mudguards, lights and racks and are therefore particularly everyday friendly. Gravel bikes are probably the most versatile models in our range. With a gravel bike, you are not only good in light terrain and on long tours, but also on paved roads and in everyday life. With us you will find mainly Gravel complete wheels from brands like Bombtrack and Brother Cycles but also Italian traditional manufacturers like Cinelli. For singlespeed and fixed gear complete bikes we offer many models from manufacturers like Brick Lane Bikes (BLB) from London, 6KU but also Cinelli and Bombtrack. The cargo bikes from Omnium fall out of the complete bike category somewhat, as they are significantly less pre-assembled and a workshop is required for assembly. A good overview of Omnium's models can be found HERE. With many complete bikes, you can upgrade the tires, pedals or saddle, for example, so that the bike fits you well from the start.

City and urban bikes: bicycles for the city

For more and more people in urban areas, bicycles are daily and practical companions in everyday life and a real alternative to public transport and the car in any season and in any weather. City bikes are the perfect companion for your everyday urban life. They are ideal for short trips between your home, your workplace, the supermarket, the daycare center, the fitness center or other places you visit regularly. A city bike, urban bike or commuter bike scores with high comfort, reliable components, stylish design, high durability and equipment suitable for everyday use. With a high-quality bike you get a wonderful alternative to the car or public transport. In order to survive in the conditions of everyday life and to meet the individual needs of commuting to or within the city, bicycles must have certain features. We at BIKE PUNK offer you a selection of city bikes, urban bikes or commuter bikes from 6KU, BLB and other renowned manufacturers that will accompany you faithfully, safely and more importantly, bring you a lot of fun and quality of life in everyday life on urban roads.

Cyclocross, all-road & gravelbikes: sport and adventure off-road

Cyclocross & gravel bikes are characterized by the fact that they extend the sportiness and agility of road bikes by great versatility. This gives you a bike that is ideal for everyday use, but also for cycling tours and sports. We offer you mainly bikes from Bombtrack, Brother Cycles and Cinelli but also smaller manufacturers with whom we have made good experiences. BIKE PUNK offers a diverse selection of gravel, cyclocross and allroad bikes from selected manufacturers whose products convince us. The product range of Bombtrack offers everything the heart desires. With models like the Bombtrack Hook EXT, Audax, Tension or Arise, you are well prepared for all eventualities and find a sporty and durable companion for your tours. The British manufacturer Brother Cycles specializes in Gravel & Allroad Bike made of steel, which are ideal for everyday life as well as long tours. All models are intensively tested on long rides and constantly improved. Thus Brother Cycles offers proven Allroad & Gravel bikes for every taste and use. The Kepler Disc complete bikes are perfect bikes for the daily commute to work but also the weekend tours and adventures into the countryside. The main difference between a cross bike and gravel bike is that cross bikes are tailored to the cyclocross sport and are therefore subject to certain regulations and are tuned much more sporty. The gravel or all-road bike is much more versatile and is designed less for special performance than for durability, driving fun and everyday suitability. In our shop you will find bikes mainly made of aluminum and steel. The advantage of aluminum is a higher stiffness and a lower weight. Therefore, aluminum finds much application in sportier cyclocross and cross bikes than in allroad & touring models. Models made of aluminum are usually delivered with matching carbon fork, which improves the overall weight again significantly. However, if performance is less important to you than comfort, steel is recommended as an extremely durable and versatile material for your allroad or gravel bike. Modern steel bikes also have good weight ratings, but ride a little softer and carry less of the bumps from the road. If you're looking for a bike for travel and further touring, a heavy-duty steel fork is optimal. The Brother Cycles Kepler, for example, comes with a steel fork with extra eyelets and mounts for luggage, fenders and racks for a perfect touring and all-road bike. In addition, steel withstands crashes and impacts better, which makes it particularly attractive on long trips but also for everyday use. The selection of sporty gravel and cyclocross bikes made of steel is also constantly increasing. If you're looking for a blend of comfortable steel and lightweight, modern carbon, frames like the Brother Mehteh or Bombtracks Hook are ideal for you.

Singlespeed and Fixie: performance and minimalism

Singlespeed and fixed-gear bikes are particularly minimalist bikes that are ideal for the city. They require little maintenance and offer great riding fun due to their simplicity. Fixed gear bikes or fixies became popular in the 90s in New York by the local bike messengers and since then it is impossible to imagine the streets without them. They convince with their clear aesthetics, the simplicity and the particularly direct driving feeling. The difference between a singlespeed bike and fixie is the "rigid" gear - so it has no freewheel and the crank always turns. Singlespeed bikes also impress with their simplicity and clarity in handling and shape, but have a freewheel, are therefore a little easier to ride and but give just as much fun! We at BIKE PUNK offer bikes from manufacturers from around the world with models made of steel, aluminum and carbon for every conceivable purpose. So you will find with the Brother Cycles Allday an off-road singlespeed or track frame that shines especially on tours and rough ground but also sporty models from Aventon and the La Piovra ATK from BLB from London and classic singlespeed bikes like the City Classic. Both fixed gear and singlespeed bikes are urban road bikes that are particularly comfortable in the city and for sporty riding. They are made unique by their minimalism and agility. For everyday life in the city, there is actually no more practical means of transportation than the fixie or singlespeed bike. The La Piovra ATK or Aventon Mataro are made of aluminum and thus particularly rigid and in their geometry particularly sporty singlespeed bikes. The tubes are aerodynamically shaped and lead to special stiffness and less power loss, so you become particularly fast. The City Classic from BLB, on the other hand, focuses on classic style and interprets the vintage road bike into a singlespeed and fixed gear bike. The special blend of modern technology and new components with a classic style makes it a particularly nice bike. A particularly good bike to start with would be the 6KU Fixie or Track. The 6KU Fixie comes in many different colors with the same features. The frame is made of sturdy but not too heavy steel, which absorbs potholes better and can withstand particularly much. The 6KU Track Singlespeed is made of aluminum and thus somewhat lighter and sportier than the steel variant. Both are, however, excellent for everyday use on the bike - We are happy to customize your complete Singlespeed or Fixed Gear bike again for you and mount you, for example, a new handlebar or other saddle.

Bicycles for children: practice early!


Cargo bikes from OMNIUM and HAGEN Bikes: Who needs a car in the city?

We at BIKE PUNK offer you cargo bikes from Omnium from Copenhagen and Hagen-Bikes from Estonia. Omnium cargo bikes are tested daily all over the world by couriers and are constantly being developed. What is special about Omnium Cargos is that they can be ridden almost like a normal bicycle and thus offer cargo bikes that are particularly suitable for everyday use. Omnium cargo bikes are particularly convincing due to their agility and versatility. They can be ridden almost like a normal bicycle, but at the same time have a large loading area on which many things can be transported. So it is ideal both for the weekly shopping but also for moving or a bike tour. The Omnium Mini is particularly small and maneuverable, the Omnium Cargo is the classic and the largest model and the Omnium Mini-Max is the more compact version of the Cargo with the same loading area. The models of Omnium cargo bikes can be divided into the "Classic" and the "WiFi". The Classic series offers solid and proven cargo bikes with a very good price/performance ratio. Therefore all models are only available in size M and matt black paint with silver logos. They are equipped with disc brakes and gears, making them a perfect base for anyone looking for a simple and affordable cargo bike for everyday use. The tires have a width of 37c and are therefore narrower than those of the WiFi. The WiFi is Omnium's latest update for Cargo, Mini-Max and Mini. It comes with modern thru axles and significantly improved tire clearance to give the Cargo bike even more stability, comfort and smoothness even on bad and changing terrain. We offer 3 cargo bikes: the Omnium Cargo, Mini Max and Mini. The Cargo is the larger cargo bike with a large load area and a particularly smooth yet agile ride. If you are looking for a more compact cargo bike with the same size cargo area, the MiniMax is ideal. The wheelbase is shortened by a slightly modified geometry, making the bike more agile and maneuverable. On the other hand, it is less suitable for particularly heavy loads and is designed more for normal shopping and everyday loading. If necessary, the load area of both cargo bikes can even be extended with accessories such as an extender bar and thus significantly increased. Omnium also partners with Thule to offer a safe child-seat that can be mounted on the cargo bed for the Cargobike and Mini Max. If you are looking for a particularly compact and maneuverable cargo bike, the smallest model, the Omnium Mini, is the ideal choice for you. It has a compact load area and is designed for everyday challenges. It's the ideal way to carry your daily groceries, and you don't have to carry a backpack on your back anymore. It fits everywhere and can be perfectly maneuvered through city traffic.

Our showroom bikes: fully assembled and ready to ride.

In the BIKE PUNK SHOWROOM we present you a selection of bikes from our range. From gravelbikes and cargobikes to singlespeed and fixed-gear, bikes are professionally assembled and ready for you to test. You are planning an individual custom build based on our BIKE PUNK Rankin frameset? Come by and let us inspire you! You want your personal dream bike built by us? Visit us in Berlin-Kreuzberg and we will discuss what is possible! If you like what you see and fall in love with one of our bikes during a test ride - you can also buy your dream bike right in the store and ride it home! You save with one of our demonstration bikes at least the otherwise usual assembly costs!

If you have questions about our complete bikes, you are not sure which bike in which size fits your needs or you want a general advice, contact us via email or just visit us in our BIKE PUNK SHOWROOM in Berlin-Kreuzberg - there are various showroombikes for you to look at and test! If you are looking for a bike that is perfectly tailored to you, we are happy to offer you an individual build of your dream bike. We are happy to advise and guide you on all aspects of your bike. For the latest products, examples of custom builds, inspiration and information, follow us on Instagram!